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KAT VR (KAT VR Technology Co., Ltd.) is a Virtual Reality (VR) peripheral company with independent R&D capabilities. The company is dedicated to the design and creation of integral and immersive VR experiences for users and to promote and encourage the use of VR worldwide. 

The fields of interest of the company include virtual reality interaction, ergonomics, man-machine engineering and motion capture technology. 

The KAT WALK VR treadmill, researched and developed independently by KAT VR, is one of the few professional VR ODTs (Omni-directional Treadmill) in the world and is also the world's first unrestrained VR treadmill that successfully allows for a great freedom of movement.

With its unique and innovative design and technology, the KAT WALK solves the main obstacles of spatial limitations, safety concerns and reduce the motion sickness that have limited the possibilities for movement in a VR environment in the past and, while doing so, has opened the possibility to devise new applications for VR in different areas and offers developers the chance to create new content that doesn't need to be concerned with spatial borders and can let the imagination run free.