Last Chance to Try Affected the Manor [FREE OF CHARGE]

Have you tried already the creepiest VR game ever created? If not, Affected: The Manor awaits you!  Watch our guinea pig trying to beat the haunted house, and get ready to face the dread yourself! Developed by The Fallen Planet Studios; Affected: The Manor (2016) quickly became a worldwide phenomenon with over 200 million hits on YouTube.… Read More »

A notice on the upcoming update of KAT I/O Business Edition – 06.03.2019

Dear clients, In order to provide you with best quality service, a new update for KAT I/O Business edition will be released on the 6th of March. The patch will improve the platform’s general performance as well as fix a number of minor issues that have been reported to us in the past weeks. 1. The… Read More »

Ultimate Multi-Player Experience – Contractors VR is now available on KAT Walk Treadmills!

Remember AFFECTED: The Manor, and Zomday VR we have wrote about just a couple of days ago? Sure you do! To be honest they are actually hard to forget, aren’t they? Don’t you feel like it’s about time for you to take a break from this hardcore experience, and just try your chance with other… Read More »

Gear up for the Zombie Apocalypse at Zomday VR – Now Fully Compatible with KAT Walk mini!

Finally managed to pull yourself together, and beat AFFECTED: The Manor that we have introduced just recently? Already missing the thrill of walking into the unknown, and facing the true horror on your own? Well, we’ve got some good news – there is a new dreadful challenge waiting for you! But this time you’re gonna… Read More »

Get Ready for Creeps at Affected The Manor – The Best VR Horror Joins KAT Games Library

We are excited to announce that another great game joins our library! Let us take you into Affected: The Manor! Warning! Some seriously creepy experience lies ahead! Before going on make sure you left the lights on, fixed all dripping taps, and called a friend of yours to join the party, and hold your hands.… Read More »

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