Walk Into The Wild, and Strive to Survive! The Forest Joins KAT Game Library!

Imagine you’re on your way to one of the beautiful exotic islands on the Pacific Ocean. You’ve been waiting for your well-deserved dream holidays for years, and finally it’s on! You pack your bags, post an update on all of your social medias, board the plane, wait for the stewardesses to stop their show about… Read More »

IAAPA Show Coming Soon! Get Ready and Check out 5 Reasons to Visit The Booth No. 2891! Spoiler Alert –> |VR TREADMILL – KAT Walk mini|

With November right around the corner, and the IAAPA show coming up fast, team KAT got a lot on its plate recently. Believe me or not but preparing for one of the biggest events of the year is not all roses, and requires some serious sacrifices (Some of us have already forgot the sweet feeling… Read More »

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