Become a developer

Focus on boutique

Searching for innovative gameplay and quality game content

Respect for copyright

Respecting copyright and fully protecting the rights and interest of developers

Revenue sharing

Sharing the profits and game revenues with developers through our content distribution platform

Full compatibility with head-mounted displays

Support for all mainstream VR head-mounted display

Unrestricted worlds

No restrictions on game content and playing. No need for other locomotion systems

Unrestricted action

Support for any body movements including walking, jumping, sitting and squatting. No need to redesign mechanics to fit with the equipment

Analog walking speeds

Accurate incremental walking speeds allowing players to walk, run and sprint naturally in game

Separate orientation for head, hands and body

Independent control of head, hands and body axis and direction in game

Low latency algorithm

The unique combined sensor scheme and algorithms with ultra low action delay function achieves precision instant stopping and walking effect

Multi-degree of freedom

Support multi-degree-of-freedom actions such as walking, jumping, sitting and squatting, judge action status intelligently and give real-time support

More imagination

Provide supporting action accessibility and to create new ways to use your body in game


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