• What is the KAT WALK?
  • The KAT WALK is KAT VR’s flagship product and the final result of several years of careful research and design. Simply put, it is a VR Omni-directional Treadmill (ODT) that offers a definitive and elegant solution to the challenge of achieving infinite motion on a virtual space without any of the disadvantages found in traditional controller-based locomotion systems. Thanks to its ergonomic design and its highly intuitive mode of interaction, the KAT WALK solves three fundamental problems that have been an obstacle for VR content: motion sickness, space limitations and safety concerns. The KAT WALK offers an innovative answer to these issues and opens unlimited possibilities for the development of new and exciting VR experiences. The KAT WALK is a device that has the potential to change how we interact with the virtual world.

  • What exactly is a VR ODT and what makes it different from other available VR products?
  • An ODT (Omni-directional Treadmill) is a device that allows the user to perform locomotive motion in any direction, allowing for 360 degrees of movement. When applied to VR games and other interactive digital content, these devices allow for the creation of a limitless space in which the user can move safely and freely. An ODT isn’t actually a treadmill with a conveyor belt like those you can find in gyms and their mechanics are a little bit complex, but they are easy to use and represent a very clever solution to the space limitations of VR.

  • What makes the KAT WALK special?
  • The KAT WALK’s unique design, optimized for freedom of movement, is what makes it stand out among other similar products on the market. First of all KAT VR has developed a state of the art motion tracking algorithm for its sensor system that allows for almost zero delay and therefore lets the user enjoy a very precise motion tracking effect that translates into smooth, reliable movement into the virtual world. Similar devices also have serious design limitations such as rings or other rigid barriers around the waist of the user that can limit the range of movement and also pose serious safety hazards. Other ODTs also suffer from an over-reliance on straps, harnesses and other modes of restraint for the extremities and the torso, while the the KAT WALK only requires a single harness for the waist and lets the arms and legs of the user completely free. The KAT WALK also avoids the problem of cable entanglement through the careful integration of the headset connections into the body of the device. With the KAT WALK you are absolutely free to move in the virtual world while being completely safe.

  • What is the difference between the KAT WALK and the KAT WALK Premium?
  • Both the KAT WALK and the KAT WALK Premium offer essentially the same immersive VR experience and both of them have the same base technology. The KAT WALK Premium is sturdier than the standard KAT WALK and has a strong protective shell for the support pillar, while the standard KAT WALK is lighter and easier to transport. Although both products are meant to be used commercially, the standard KAT WALK is also directed towards consumers. Both devices have the same content available and a are covered by the same warranty and terms of use.

  • Are there any health restrictions to using the KAT WALK?
  • It is recommended that that pregnant women, the elderly, those with visual disorder or a record of mental illness or those once affected by other serious health conditions such as heart diseases refrain from using the device.

    Since different people have different constitutions, we advise not to use the product for a long time in case of experiencing any discomfort, such as giddiness, dizziness, headache, etc. If you have any discomfort, please stop using it immediately and stop any high attention demanding activities (such as driving) until the symptoms completely disappear. If the symptoms persist, please do not continue to use it without consulting with your doctor.

    If the user has a medical history of epilepsy or photosensitive epilepsy, then it is necessary to consult with a doctor before using VR games or experiences that contain flashing lights or fast-moving image sequences.

    For more details on health restrictions, please consult the Health Warnings on the KAT WALK User’s Manual.

  • Are there any height/weight/age restrictions as well?
  • Since the visual system of children under 13 years old has not completely matured, it is recommended that children under this age refrain from using the device. Those who weigh over 100kg are not advised to use the device due to the limited load bearing of the base plate and shoes: both for the safety of the user and to avoid for the equipment to be damaged, it is recommended not to exceed these weight limits. The ideal height range for the device is between 150cm (4’11’’) and 180cm (5’11’’), and the maximum allowed height is 190cm (6’3’’)

  • What is the expected useful life of the product? Is it durable? Can it withstand rough treatment?
  • Both the KAT WALK and the KAT WALK Premium are very sturdy devices and have been certified to meet international standards of quality and durability. The service life of the devices depends mainly on the frequency and type of use. Although the KAT WALK has a strong steel structure and it is designed for its use in arcades and other settings where it might receive intense and continued use, it still requires to be used in accordance with our safety and maintenance recommendations and treating it roughly is strictly forbidden.

  • The prototype in the video shake a little bit, does this affect the product?
  • The KAT WALK mini’s structural integrity can support the designed weight and height specifications of the user as shown, a bit of shaking will not upset the prototype’s structural frame.

  • What does a set of KAT WALK Mini contain?
  • Standard KAT WALK Mini/1 set, KAT software platform/ 1 set, KAT shoes/ 1 pair, HMD line bracket/ 1 PC. Main parts of KAT WALK Mini include shell, base, sensor, waist ring & back rod.

    The PC and HMD need to be configured together with the KAT WALK mini for use.

    Premium KAT WALK Mini/ 1 set, KAT software platform/1 set, KAT shoes*/1 pair, HMD line bracket/1 pc, HTC VIVE/ 1 set, Base station bracket/1 set(for HTC VIVE, OCULUS).

    Main parts of KAT WALK Mini include shell, base, sensor, waist ring, and back rod. PC needs be used together with KAT WALK mini & HMD for complete playing.

    Deluxe KAT WALK Mini/1 set, KAT software platform/ 1 set, KAT shoes/1 pair, HMD line bracket/1 pc, HTC VIVE/ 1 set, Base station bracket/1 pair(used for HTC VIVE, OCULUS base station), computer host /1 pc, computer screen/1 pc.

    Main parts of KAT WALK Mini include shell, base, sensor, waist ring and back rod.

  • What are the dimensions of the KAT Walk mini?
  • The weight of the KAT Walk Mini is currently 80kgs. We are still improving it. The final weight might be reduced.

    Installation size (Length×Width×Height) approximately 1.6m×1.6m×1.7m. Maximum height is about 2 meters during usage.

  • How much height/weight can the KAT WALK Mini support?
  • In terms of weight and height, KAT WALK Mini fits users who are 1.4metres to 2.0metres in height and not exceeding 130kgs in weight. Users who exceed this range are not recommended to use the KAT WALK Mini because the experience might not be as enjoyable and may also be prone to safety risks.

  • Are there any people who are not recommended to use the KAT Walk mini
  • We recommend that you consult a physician before using the KAT WALK Mini if you are pregnant, elderly, or have a history of abnormal binocular or mental illness, or are affected by other serious health conditions such as heart disease. Parents are advised to accompany their children when using the KAT WALK mini.

  • Is the KAT WALK Mini capable of adapting to local voltage?
  • KAT sensor uses a standard USB power supply. The decorative LED light has a working voltage of 12V. We will adapt your local voltage with the corresponding adapter so that you can convert your local voltage to 12V. You can also adapt by yourself with a 12V power adapter.

  • What additional equipment need to be prepared to play games on the KAT WALK Mini?
  • To play games on the KAT WALK Mini, users need the following: KAT software platform /1 set, KAT shoes/1 pair, HMD line bracket/1 pc, HMD (compatible with multiple)/1 set, base station bracket /1 pair, computer /1 pc.

  • What sizes are the KAT Shoes available in?
  • KAT shoes are designed with sizes (European standard) of 34/35, 36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44 and 45.

  • Is the KAT Walk mini easy to use? Will I need additional help to safely use it ?
  • The product does not require help from others but only holding on to something during mounting. Strapping yourself in takes no effort once you have your back on the back-support.

  • What is the crouching and jumping range?
  • The KAT Walk mini supports both jumping and crouching. The range for crouching and jumping is similar to that of the product’s adjustable height, currently it is around 30cm for crouching and 20cm for jumping. These numbers are for the prototype and will be optimized in the final version

  • What is the difference between the KAT WALK Mini prototype and the final shipped version?
  • The overall experience is currently being evaluated to be optimized. The functionality will not change, however dimensions will slightly change in terms of size, we try our best to make a more compact design and reduce the floor space, which is expected to be reduced to about 1.5m in diameter. As the product continues to improve, we keep you updated up you regarding latest improvements.

  • Can the KAT WALK Mini control the field of view and walking direction independently?
  • The direction of the visual field is detected by the HMD while the movement direction (direction of the body) is detected by our sensors, which are two separate systems. You can walk forward in the game while looking right and left, just like in real life.

  • Can KAT WALK Mini control the speed of the game character?
  • Yes, the non-contact sensors built-in to the base plate collect footstep data and control the character’s movement speed in real time. Our sensors also support the determination of walking directions such as forwards, backwards, and side-way movements.

  • Is the sitting function safe? How much weight can it support?
  • The sitting function is safe, the support weight is the same as the overall load of the product, which is 130Kg.

  • Do I need any special software?
  • We will provide KAT Walk Mini dedicated software that drives operation of the KAT Walk Mini and facilitates management of device-supported games. The software interface is displayed synchronously on the PC monitor and VR HMD. The user can operate the software on both sides. When using the KAT WALK Mini, the menu is accessible and operational by using the controllers and HMD, device management and game progress operations are possible without having to dismount the rig. The software also instantly transmits KAT Walk Mini’s latest game support information.

  • Which games are supported by the device?
  • A variety of games are perfectly supported, such as Radiation 4, the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Biochemical 7, DOOM4, Payday2 and so on. Please refer to our Games list on this website.

  • What’s free locomotion?
  • Freedom of movement within the game environment, through actions similar to real-life.

  • Which HMDs will the KAT WALK mini support?
  • PC HMDs with position tracking will all be supported, such as Oculus, HTC Vive, PSVR, PiMax 8k, and the MR series.

  • Do you have your own SDK? Which game development engine is docked?
  • Yes, we do. Docked development engines include; Unity and UE4. We can provide technical support when the developer docks the SDK.

  • Do you develop your own game content?
  • Yes, there are currently various types of games in development and will gradually land on their own platform by next 2019.

  • What types of games can we play and their compatibility with the KAT WALK mini?
  • All genres of games supported by VR hardware; FPS, action, adventure, and casual games offer a better experience.

  • What should I do if I have specific shoe requirements?
  • We offer two options including shoes and shoe covers. Our shoe size range is 34-45 cm. If your shoe size exceeds this range, you can choose the shoe cover.However,there is a certain margin for the shoe cover to adjust. You can consult our customer service staff for assistance.

  • What will be the future retail price of the KATWALK mini?
  • At present, our special price is 1499 dollars, and the retail price will be more than double this price in the future.

  • When does the official sale begin and when does shipment commence for the KATWAlk mini??
  • We expect to officially start selling in June, and begin to arrange delivery in July.

  • Where do you ship from?
  • We have corresponding factories in Qingdao and Hangzhou and we will arrange delivery areas according to optimal routes.

  • How much will the domestic shipping cost be for the KATWALK mini during this time?
  • Depending on the area where you are located, the domestic freight rate is approximately US$50-$200.

  • How much will the international shipping costs be?
  • Preliminary estimate of freight by sea
    Region KAT WALK MINI($)
    North America          —
    America 180-230
    Canada 220-270
    Mexico 300-350
     Europe         —-
    UK(Quoted shipping costs only to the transit port Felixstowe. Cargo transportation is assumed by the consignee after that ) 160-210
    Germany 160-210
    Western Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, France, etc.) 160-210
    Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece) 160-210
    Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark) 160-210
    Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia) 160-210
    Central Europe (Austria, Switzerland) 160-210
    Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) 160-210
    Balkans/former Soviet Union (Croatia, Bosnia, Ukraine, etc.) 230-280
     Turkey 200-250
    Asia       —-
    Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia) 160-210
    Japan 160-210
     Korea 160-210
     Kazakhstan 350
     Oceania            —
     Australia 160-210
     New Zealand 180-23
     South America         —
     Mexico 300-350
     Braizl 250-300
     Colombia 200-250
     Chile 200-250
     South Africa 250-300
     Egypt 200-250
     Middle East 200-250
  • How do you charge freight costs and what are the possible payment means?
  • We will have special staff who take charge of overseas sales to dock with you. After confirmation of your preferred time of delivery. Methods such as direct bank transfer, PayPal and so on .If you have any questions, please contact global@katvr.com .

  • Do I need to pay extra taxes?
  • Yes, you also need to pay taxes and fees for your local customs. International shipping is quite complicated. We provide estimates of shipping costs in different countries, excluding import duties and VAT.

  • I'd like to gain more insight about your products. Who should I contact with?
  • If you have any questions, please contact the KAT VR team:

    Website: www.katvr.com

    General info: global@katvr.com

    Developers: developer@katvr.com

    Press: press@katvr.com

    Our official accounts:

    Facebook: fb.com/katvr.global

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/katvrwalk

    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/officialKATVR/

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KATVR

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vrkat_/

  • What other applications of use are supported?
  • In addition to being used in entertainment games, it can also be used as a hardware platform for VR security drills, VR firefighting, VR tourism, VR education, etc. If you have any questions, please fill in the inquiry box on the website.

  • How do you ensure safe movement on the KAT WALK Mini?
  • While mounting the rig, the back support locks as you strap yourself in with the waist girdle, your hands rested firmly on the arm-rests.

    Be careful not to pull the waist straps during the process of getting on and off.

  • How do I mount the rig, and how do I start it ?
  • Power on the device and open the KAT WALK Mini software. Wear the special shoes, strap yourself in with the waist ring, put on your headset and open the platform to select what features to access.

    In terms of wear and game operation, we are much simpler than the old version of the walk.

  • What is the product’s life expectancy?
  • The normal service life of the design is 3 years (except for parts that wear and tear). Regular service and maintenance will extend said life span.

  • What’s the installation process for the KATWALK mini, and do I need any tools for the process or assistance from someone else?
  • After receiving the package, open it and read the instruction manual carefully, and install it according to the provided illustrations. Wrenches and scissors are required during installation. These necessary tools will be included at the packaging process. Considering the relatively large number of installations, it is recommended that two people install it.

  • Are there any special designs for the KAT shoes or shoe covers?
  • The special shoe or shoe cover is designed with the base. The part of the shoe sole that touches the chassis is made of low-friction, wear-resistant materials. At the same time, it has a guided function design that matches the curved base of the KAT Walk Mini, enabling the user to experience near-realistic motion.

  • What computing rigs best fit specs requirements?
  • For your computer to be operational with this rig, you’ll need to meet the following hardware requirements:

    Hardware requirements;

    CPU: i5-4590 or higher

    Memory: 8GB or higher

    Graphics card: GeForce GTX1070 or higher

    Hard disk space: System partition available space ≥200GB

    Screen resolution: 1920×1080 or higher

    Software requirements are as follows;

    Recommended: Microsoft Windows 10×64bit

    Minimum: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional ×64bit

    Decompression software

    Steam (and keep up to date)

    Steam VR (and keep it updated)

  • Can you describe what you need to do after receiving the product to start the game?
  • Read the product instruction manual carefully; assemble and install all necessary equipment and software according to the instructions; familiarize yourself with the equipment and practice walking before game play.

  • If there is no back support and outer ring for protection, do I risk falling?
  • The whole product adopts a wearable waist girdle protection method that limits your degree of movement to the KAT WALK mini’s area. The wearable waist ring has a double protection design to increase safety. So there will be no danger of falling, all the while giving an nonrestrictive feel.

  • What kind of motion capture is used to control the movement in the game?
  • Non-contact sensor technology eliminates the need for sensors on the feet. The sensor is built into the chassis. Simply plug a USB cable into the PC’s USB port. After opening our software and running the game, you only need to move your feet to move around in the game.

  • What kind of data transmission mode and motion capture system does the rig use?
  • The system uses standard USB-HID communication and the sensor is recognized by Windows as an HID device.

  • How do I prevent the HMD cable getting entangled mid-gameplay.
  • Suspend the cord from a height to prevent entanglement or use wireless HMDs.

  • What material is used for the chassis panel?
  • We use polymers, low friction materials.

  • Is the chassis shock-absorbent?
  • The new chassis discarded the first generation’s use of steel material, while the new high-strength plastic materials allow for better shock-absorption and noise reduction.

  • What material is used for the outer shell, is it vulnerable to being stepped on?
  • The shell is made of high-strength plastics. Under normal use, it would not be trampled upon.

  • Is the light strip easy to step on, easily damaged, and does it pose any safety risks?
  • The lights are installed under the chassis and protected with plastic tubes so they will not be damaged. The light strips are low voltage strips and the surface is insulated, so there is no safety risk besides the rig looking sick.

  • What is the KATWALK mini's size ?
  • The maximum footprint of the product is approximately 2metres squared, and we are optimizing the design to reduce occupied area; an area of 2.6metres squared is advised for placement of the product.

    After the product is installed, the height is about 1.7m, and when in use, the maximum height is about 2 meters.

  • What are the requirements for product installation and placement of the KATWALK mini?
  • The KAT WALK mini is small and suitable for your living room, bedroom, your basement, and any area that suffices for the required space.

    However, do not place this product in the following locations: outdoors for prolonged use. Uneven surfaces or glass floors, inclined angles and areas with vibrations. For locations with probable safety threats (places with emergency exits and such), have a fire extinguisher on hand.

  • How do I prevent risk of electric shock or catching fire?
  • Do not expose the product or any of accessories to liquids. Do not place containers containing liquids such as vases near the product. If water is splashed or poured into the machine accidentally, unplug it immediately and contact KAT customer service center for testing before using the product.

    Do not place this product and accessories directly near fire or heat source, and do not to expose directly to sunlight for prolonged duration.

    Do not insert things into the product vents or other apertures.

    In case of thunderstorms, please unplug the product. When removing the power cord, be sure to pull it from the plug not the cable.

    Before connecting the product to a socket, make sure that the voltage of the socket matches the product’s as shown in the instruction manual. If the voltage does not match, do not attempt to connect the device.

  • How do I regularly maintain my KATWALK mini product ?
  • Regularly clean the base plate of any dust and other stuff.

    Ensure the wheels of the shoes function properly, clean the sole occasionally.

    As for moving parts, regularly check that they’re tightly screwed. For parts that will wear and tear from use, i.e. the waist girdle, contact our customer service line for instructions on how to replace said part.

  • Any precautions to take regarding the product's position?
  • Each time you need to dismount the rig. Lock the device at the pedal position, then turn it off.

  • What is the mini's noise level?
  • When the product is currently used, the noise is approximately 40-50 decibels, the equivalent of soft conversation between people. The chassis is built with sound-absorbent material. The product is still under optimization, so we seek to further decrease this sound output.

  • With what ease can I perform actions like walking and steering?
  • When “walking” on the curved base’s surface, it distributes force applied by the human foot into the vertical component of the force in the direction of the extensional arc surface. With the low friction surface, it is possible to achieve a natural sliding motion of the foot. The combination of the two simulates the feeling of natural movement.

    The back rod and sitting part of the device use a high-strength, low-density lightweight material to minimize the weight of the protective structure while keeping you safely strapped in and supported.

  • Does it support real-time input of hand movements?
  • The controllers decide if it is supported. Oculus, Vive, and other products all support real-time input of hand gestures. Our sensors only detect the movement of your feet.

  • Does it support game consoles such as XBOX and PlayStation?
  • KAT Walk Mini is a VR product. XBOX does not have a VR mode and therefore cannot support XBOX. However, it can support PlayStation’s VR devices.

  • Do you develop your own games?
  • We are strongly supporting developers to develop games for our devices and have made breakthroughs in self-developed games. We’ll be uploading more soon under our Games list

  • Which games support the Oculus, PiMax, PSVR, MR series headsets?
  • The integration of the HMD is independent of the game itself. Any game featured in the SteamVR or PSVR stores can theoretically be played.


  • Which games can I play on your platform?
  • Steam VR games and our own developed games, please refer to the Games list.

  • How do I go about connecting games and devices, and how to use them ?
  • Follow the user manual on how to set up the accessories then head into the game platform, and let the fun commence.

  • Can you play battlefield, COD?
  • Not unless the game has a VR version.

  • How does the SDK connect the game? Plug-in class or through the code to connect?
  • You need to import the SDK and make some modifications to the original game features.

  • How long does it take for developers to access your SDK?
  • For a normal situation it can be completed within a few hours, and up to a day if met with technical difficulty. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

  • Is there an official game platform?
  • Yes, the KAT software platform, which comes with several pre-installed games. Please refer to our Games list.

  • Are games with less foot movement suitable for playing on KATWALK?
  • Minimal foot movement is not an issue, the game just needs to support free locomotion.

  • Will there be an opportunity to test the KAT WALK Mini pre-purchase?
  • At present, our equipment is still a prototype. However once development is complete, we intend to invite a few You-tubers over to try it out, and give you the review you need. If you are interested, you can contact our staff by email and we’ll decide if a meet-up is necessary and possible.

  • If the accessories are broken, can they be replaced for free?
  • We do our best to ensure the quality of the KAT WALK mini and we provide a substantial guarantee period. However, damage to the accessories post-purchase is covered by you; repairs and such.

  • How are shipping orders arranged?
  • Privilege is given to customers that purchased commercial packages of the KAT WALK from us before, whereas we’ll follow the consecutive shipping arrangement at which orders are placed.

  • How can shipping priorities be determined?
  • Considering the cost of freight, we generally recommend shipping by sea, according to different regional shipping times, it’s generally about 3 days -30 days, but if you need urgent delivery, you can also consider air transport, the freight rate is estimated at about 2000 US dollars, the actual price will be changed by standard of Express, please refer to shipments as the standard.

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