Official Store FAQs

What is the price of the KAT WALK? What is the price of the KAT WALK PREMIUM?

For detailed information on pricing and the option to purchase commercial packages, please contact us at and we will be glad to answer all your questions. 

Why is the current KAT WALK price so different from the original Kickstarter campaign price?

The current commercial price and the Kickstarter reward tier prices of the KAT WALK are for two separate situations and the products offered are not the same. When our Kickstarter backers gave us their support, they were not just purchasing a product: they were regarded by us as early believers in our technology and they provided us with funds that allowed us to grow and reach the stage where we could begin production and offer the KAT WALK commercially. A kickstarter pledge is not the same as a purchase. When they backed us they were showing faith in us and that's why we gave them the chance to receive the product at such a reduced price.

In addition to that, the current KAT WALK has been upgraded with the development of a new and more advanced motion tracking algorithm and a design that is more efficient, even less constraining and far more functional than that of the original prototype, leaving the fact that we are using higher-quality materials aside. We are also offering tech support, warranty and customer service now, something which was not available before. All of these developments have resulted in a higher price than initial estimates, but one we believe reflects the quality of the product we can offer. warranty and customer service now, something which was not available before. All of these developments have resulted in a much better product that justifies a higher price. 

What is included in the commercial package of the KAT WALK?

The commercial package of the KAT WALK includes:


The ODT itself (KAT WALK or KAT WALK Premium)

An HTC VIVE Business Edition Set,

The KAT STATION high-performance computer

All the sizes of the dedicated shoes/shoe covers

The KAT FIRE ergonomic controller accessories

All the installation, operation and maintenance materials (videos and documents)

A one-year warranty

What payment methods are available to purchase a KAT WALK?

You can purchase your KAT WALK by a direct bank transfer to our account or via Paypal. For more details, please contact our sales department

Is remote support in English available 24/7?

No. It is available only from 9:00 to 17:00 (Hangzhou Time), Monday to Friday.