Only for KAT VR game platform K coin

Universal virtual game coin released by KAT VR

* No coin will be refund after the recharging.
*1K=1RMB, all K coins can be used in the same account.
* Service Agreement for KAT K Coins Recharging Learn more>

K coin recharging

Introduction of K coins
Released by KAT VR, K coins are the universal virtual game coins used as the payment documents in starting the games in KAT VR game platform and as the game tools and point card in the later period.
The experience shopkeeper or terminal customers obtain K coins through recharging in KAT official website. (1K=1RMB)
K coins can only be exchanged for the products and services directly provided by KAT, but not being exchanged for cash, transferred or exchanged for other products and services not provided by KAT.
K coins spent in the games depend on the specific type of games of KAT STATION. See Instruction of Game for details of points deducted.