KAT FIRE VR handle buttstock
KAT FIRE VR ergonomic controller accessory

KAT FIRE is a custom rifle-shaped accessory designed to be used with the HTC VIVE controllers

It not only deepens your in-game immersion but also protects the controller and increases its service life.

$ 42.00 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373

KAT special power line for back bar
KAT special power line for back bar

It connects HTC VIVE power supply interface and back bar sensor,

ensuring a continuous and stable power supply.

$ 4.80 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373

KAT SHOES wheels
KAT SHOES wheels

Made of PU foam

1 set contains 2 wheels

$ 17.00 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373

Sizes 34/35, 36/37, 38/39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44/45 are available

Surface: Elastic fabric

Insole: Ergonomic insole

Sole: Combined PU foam and high-fiber leather

$ 62.00 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373

KAT maintenance oil
KAT maintenance oil for the device

Capacity: 50ml

Storage conditions: Sealed and moisture-proof

$ 8.40 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373

KAT SHOES special sliders
KAT SHOES sliders

Made of high strength polymer

Length: 60mm Width: 18mm semicircular

1 set contains 4 sliders

$ 29.80 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373

KAT SENSORS (sensors)

The sensor kit captures users’ movement, and maps their moving forward, drawing back, jumping, crouching and other movements to the corresponding keys of keyboard or handle via the matched software.
It realizes the ultra-low action delay and precise simultaneous movement effect via special algorithm.
The user’s movement will be unconsciously mapped to the virtual scene, enabling the user to enjoy the smooth and pure immersion VR experience.

$ 29.00-249.00 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373

KAT special independent power kit

As the mobile power combination for KAT SENSORS, it ensures the normal operation of the sensor kit.
It is safe when used with special charging adaptor and stable power line.
The customized ultra-low constant current is greatly different from the normal mobile power.
The max. battery life is 5 days when using with sensor.
A set of mobile power combination contains a special charger, a special independent power supply and a special power line.

$ 19.00-179.00 Order hotline:+86(0)571-86105373