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Privacy policy

Thank you for choosing KAT VR.
KAT VR Technology Co., Ltd. (KAT) respects your privacy and may hold and use your name, address and other personal information provided by you ("personal information") for the following purposes. Please read this KAT VR privacy policy carefully before registration or purchase. 
1. The use of personal information 
KAT VR shall use your personal information for the following purposes: 
(a) Provide you with KAT VR technical service support with respect to product warranty and repair; 
(b) Provide you with up-to-date information about KAT VR product, service and promotion activity; 
(c) Ask for your opinions anytime; 
(d) Pay state subsidies (if any) to you; and/or 
(e) Compile KAT VR statistics. 
For the purposes above, your personal information may be shared within KAT VR and its affiliates (the actual situation may be different according to local laws and regulations.) If the purposes change, KAT VR will notify you and ask for your permission again. Please note that certain services may not be provided if you do not provide personal information; Thanks for understanding. 
2. Holding personal information 
KAT VR undertakes to adopt all appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information from being obtained or used by any authorized third party. KAT VR shall hold your personal information during the period that KAT VR deemed necessary for achieving the purposes above. 
3. Disclosure
Except as stated before, KAT VR shall not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent: 
(a) In order to provide with services or fulfill the contract signed with you or achieve the purposes stated in Clause 1 above (including but not limited to disclosing such information to relevant national departments for holding and use so as to cash state subsidies, if any ) (If any third party represents KAT VR, KAT VR warrants that such third party observes the privacy policy) 
(b) In order to comply with the legal obligation of KAT VR, or when KAT VR exercises its legal power, or in order to attain the interests pursued by KAT VR according to law. (the actual situation may be different according to local laws and regulations)
4. Contacts
If you want to check, correct, update or delete any personal information, or you want for KAT VR to stop using the personal information any further (except when relevant national departments and applicable laws do not allow to check, correct, update or delete any personal information) or you have any questions about or opinions on this KAT VR privacy policy, please contact the customer service staff of KAT VR. 
Without prejudice to your rights under the law, KAT VR reserves the right to modify and/or cancel this privacy policy in part or whole anytime (the actual situation may be different according to local laws and regulations)
If you are under the age of 13, please ask for the permission of your parents or legal guardian before registration or purchase!