Status Update and How to Buy the KAT Walk mini

Hello KATers

We are back with another announcement. As you know we previously mentioned that we will launch the KAT Walk mini on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, and we were surprised by the amount of love and support we got in a matter of hours of publishing the news. However after some successful cooperations with our business partners we now have the resources and ability to proceed with the research and development of the KAT Walk mini without the need for crowdfunding.
However, we will open pre-orders for the mini very soon. The first group to pre-order will receive a huge discount and get to join or exclusive supporter group where they can stay up to date with all developments and submit direct feedback to us, and we will take all of your feedback and use it to deliver you a product that you want and deserve.

Head over to this link to learn more about the KAT Walk mini and how to Pre-order one for yourself:

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15 thoughts on “Status Update and How to Buy the KAT Walk mini

  1. انا عندى فكره محتاج انك تصممها من اجلى
    انا محتاج اشترى الجهاز ياريت التفاصيل السعر وخلافه

  2. the price of the unit delver in Egypt?
    ممكن اعرف سعر الوحدة كاملة حتى الاستلام في مصر؟

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