A NEW VR Gaming Arena – KAT VRMIS Coming Soon to IAAPA Expo Europe 2019! Sep. 17-19, 2019

Looking for a universal VR gaming solution designed specifically to meet the requirements of modern E-Sport and multiplayer entertainment? Your search is finally over – you’re in the right place! We’re thrilled to announce that our NEW Virtual Reality Arena – KAT VRMIS will make its first public appearance during the French IAAPA Expo Europe show 2019 in Paris! Visit the booth nr. 3401 on September 17-19 and check out what we’ve prepared for you together with our official French partner – Monde Virtuel.

Known formerly as Euro Attraction Show, IAAPA Expo Europe organized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions is among the world’s largest annual entertainment exhibitions. In 2018 alone, during the IAAPA’s 100th anniversary, the show brought an astonishing number of almost 16,000 participants including 600 professional exhibitors from all over the world.

Of course, KAT VR couldn’t miss out on such an opportunity and made a real hit with our newly (at that time) released VR Omni-Directional Treadmill – KAT Walk mini. Now, a year later KAT Walk mini is still the world’s only unrestrictive ODT with an open construction, and we’re bringing it to the show yet again to steal some spotlight one more time! Only this time.. we’re bringing something more!

The visitors of our last year show had a chance to test out two KAT Walk mini stations. This year we intend to double the fun connecting them into a single multiplayer system and make the best possible use of a large 30 m2 booth by introducing our new gaming arena – KAT VRMIS!

KAT VRMIS, also known as Multiplayers & Infinite walking space Solution is an integrated system consisting of at least two KAT Walk mini stations, the structure of the arena, dedicated software platform, and optional accessories. MIS breaks the limitation of time and space, allowing multiple users to enter the same virtual reality scene at the same time to achieve infinite interactions and experience realistic multiplayer cooperative or competitive modes. The system allows for easy connection of multiple devices to create advanced environments for multi-person scenes in VR.

It effectively utilizes the technical advantages of KAT Walk mini and adds much more letting you taste the future of E-Sport thanks to:

  • A wide variety of carefully selected multiplayer games including real masterpieces such as Contractors VR, Zomday or VR Battlefield.
  • Adaptation of the world’s first non-restrictive omni-directional treadmills allowing to perform infinite actions on limited physical space.
  • Multi-screen display system for the show spectators.
  • A single control station capable of operating multiple KAT Walk minis at the same time by just one employee.
  • Futuristic arena design adding some additional spice to the user experience
  • Cool lighting system for even better gaming atmosphere.

Learn more about KAT VRMIS and give it a try yourself in Porte De Versailles Exhibition Center, Paris! Each visitor will get a chance to test out our system and dive into virtual reality multiplayer games like never before!

PS: Both KAT Walk mini and KAT VRMIS are available for purchase! Get in touch with us at global@katvr.com for a full price quotation!

And don’t forget to visit the official website of our French partner and authorized KAT Walk mini distributor – https://monde-virtuel.fr/ or get in touch directly at +33 (0)9 88 04 30 62

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