A notice on the upcoming update of KAT I/O Business Edition – 06.03.2019

Dear clients,

In order to provide you with best quality service, a new update for KAT I/O Business edition will be released on the 6th of March.

The patch will improve the platform’s general performance as well as fix a number of minor issues that have been reported to us in the past weeks.

1. The issue of unexpected character strings being displayed after the games’ titles in the home page has been solved

2. The issue of dialogue style conflicts has been solved

3. The problem with accessing the games list when SteamVR is not installed has been solved

4. The graphic style of uninstalled games’ icons has been optimized for easier distinction

5. The general software stability has been improved.

Thank you for your support, and please feel welcome to contact us at any time in order to report any issues or provide us with your suggestions.


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