Aim High and Boost Your Immersion with KAT Striker – The Most Realistic VR Gun Stock

Modern gaming requires modern solutions! With the growing popularity of VR e-sport and realistic First-Person Shooters that throw you in at the deep end – right into full physicality of VR interactions, controlling your virtual guns becomes a really hard nut to crack. Aiming and shooting which used to be simple in PC gaming, requires high movement synchronization and hands stability in a virtual reality environment. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with this problem all on your own! Ever heard of KAT Striker?

KAT Striker is a realistic VR Gun Stock designed to improve your aiming accuracy and the overall gaming experience. Wondering how? Imagine you’re holding a real rifle with one hand on its pistol grip (your main controller), the other one up front on the secondary controller and with the KAT Striker’s rifle stock sitting firmly on your shoulder. Thanks to the stable position of both controllers you can easily aim and shoot with maximum accuracy.

Did you know that KAT Striker was designed with the help of former soldiers to ensure its close resemblance to real rifles used by professionals on the modern fields of battle? Each physical parameter of its construction was carefully selected by them to deepen your immersion and guarantee an unapparelled shooting experience! And that’s not all – KAT Striker offers a unique combination of features that make it one of a kind:

  • Great Aiming Accuracy – Application of strong magnets in the controller fixing system ensures maximum stability and best aiming accuracy at all times!
  • Adjustable Structure – Position of the controller, as well as the stock length can be easily adjusted at any time to ensure quick adaptation to different players
  • Easily Detachable Controller – Thanks to magnetic mounting, you can quickly attach, and detach your secondary controller when changing weapons without even taking off your VR headset!
  • Easy Controllers Charging – Worrying about the batteries? You can safely charge your controllers at any time without even removing them from KAT Striker!
  • Ultra-High Quality – Manufacturing of KAT Striker is based on precision Injection molding what ensures its high quality and long product life!

Being made up entirely of mechanical components, KAT Striker will improve your experience with just any virtual reality FPS game compatible with HTC VIVE or HTC VIVE Pro controllers. It does not require any integration process with virtual reality content. Just mount the controllers and dive straight into your favorite VR FPS games without wasting precious time! Onward, Pavlov VR, Contractors VR, Serious Sam, Fallout 4, Zomday, Arizona Sunshine and others are all waiting for a sheriff in town!

KAT Striker is already here! Just get in touch with us at and get one at any time!

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