Amsterdam Euro Attraction Show – Next successful step on KAT’s promotion journey.

It hasn’t been a long time since we announced KAT VR is soon going to show its new baby – KAT Walk mini at IAAPA Exhibition in Orlando, USA. It surely won’t be an exaggeration to say that recently both KAT’s promotion department and International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions had a lot on their plates since the IAAPA event in Orlando has just been preceded by a similar Amsterdam Euro Attraction Show co-organized by IAAPA and visited by KAT.

EAS Exhibition Site

Euro Attraction Show – An annual exhibition organized between 25th and 27th of September is growing bigger and bigger each year. According to the official data, number of buyers and visitors on the opening day of current year was much higher than on the closing day in 2017th.  Moreover, the venue size of EAS broke its historic records and reached almost 30,000 square meters with as many as 7 large pavilions opened for visitors from all over the world. All three days of this year’s exhibition were filled with pleasant atmosphere, true joy, and professional business approach of both the exhibitors and visitors.

At the exhibition site of EAS, traditional amusement equipment and modern hi-tech masterpieces such as KAT Walk mini are presented together and have to compete for visitors’ attention and recognition. However, considering the recent trend of ever-growing participation of VR, AR and other new technologies, and the price and safety disadvantages of traditional amusement equipment it becomes quite clear that future of the amusement industry lays in hands of hi-tech developers.

In Amsterdam, KAT VR decided to steal some spotlight with its newest release – world’s first Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional VR treadmill – KAT Walk mini. During the show, visitors could come, step onto the platform and literally walk into the virtual reality to test the infinite possibilities of unlimited motion while playing one of two FPS masterpieces – “Bullet Sorrow VR” and “Pavlov VR”.

Just look at this smile! He must have rediscovered his inner child!

Small size and exquisite appearance of KAT Walk mini soon turned out very appealing for hundreds of EAS visitors during the 3-day exhibition. Many of them just couldn’t resist and had to experience it themselves. Our audience not only received the combination of VR technology and entertainment very well but also greatly appreciated the body-height self-adaptive function of the device. Whether our visitor was a 2-meter-tall giant, a petite girl or an ordinary middle-aged man KAT Walk mini served them all equally well.

Who said giants can’t occasionally have some fun?
In the VR world girls can be sharpshooters too.
Many men have tried……
and all had great fun!

All of our visitors had a chance to try the device for about 5 minutes each and could test its capabilities while playing one of the two FPS games. Both of them allow for a wide variety of in-game actions what greatly highlights the absolute freedom of body motion that we can experience in its best when entering VR on KAT Walk mini.  Running, squatting, turning around, sitting down, dodging bullets and many others become possible under 6 DOF (Degree of Motion Freedom).

What you are looking at is by all means the future of gaming. Application of VR treadmills adds some real spice to the gameplay and greatly enhances players’ immersion.

3 Days of KAT’s participation at EAS turned out to be a great success forged by hard work and deep cooperation with our French partner – Le Monde Virtuel. By joint participation, KAT VR expressed its support for the French distributor, shared the participation fee, provided some online promotion and even decided to give a corresponding discount on distributor’s subsequent purchase.  Of course, in addition to French Le Monde Virtuel, KAT VR has a lot of other partners and official distributors all around the world including USA, Germany, Australia and many others so stay tuned. We might come to your country soon!

At present, KAT VR intensifies its actions to expand to new markets and reaches out to potential business partners on all continents. Many exclusive offers and preferential policies await new distributors who decide to establish a partnership with KAT. For example, pricing privileges, gifts and giveaways are available during limited time periods. What’s more, KAT VR is always more than willing to provide online and live support to its dealers to maximize the benefits arising from mutual business relations.  Have a business of your own? Don’t hesitate! Just contact us on and join dozens of satisfied dealers who trusted KAT.

Missed your chance to visit us at EAS? Don’t forget about the IAAPA exhibition in Orlando, Florida! Come visit our booth and try KAT Walk mini for FREE in November!

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