Announcement of the KAT Walk mini Software Upgrade

Dear KAT Walk mini users:

In order to provide you with the highest quality walking experience, KAT VR is planning to update the KAT Walk mini software in mid-May 2019. The new version will ensure more stable work of our devices and better tracking accuracy.

In order to update the software, all users of KAT Walk mini should use the USB Adapters provided in the past by KAT VR free of charge. Those who fail to update the software on time might encounter technical issues including complete inability to use their treadmills until the new drivers are installed.

For any questions, please feel welcome to get in touch with local distributors or our after-sales technical support team:

Phone Number:+86(0)571-86105373

Updating the software with KAT Walk mini USB Adapter:

Users of Vive/Oculus/Other PC headsets:

Please, plug the KAT Walk mini USB Adapter directly into a USB port of the host computer connected to the device. If there is not enough space to connect the adapter, you can use the extension cable provided together with the KAT Walk mini USB Adapter.

Users of PSVR:

Please, plug the KAT Walk mini USB adapter into the USB port of the KAT PISystem Adapter via the USB extension cable.

Thank you for your support!


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