VR Loco(motion) Revolution Coming to Japan – Public Debut at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Sep. 12-15

Looks like the season for exhibitions has finally begun for serious! Not only did we just announce the very first public appearance of our NEW Gaming Arena – KAT VRMIS at IAAPA Paris (Read more HERE), but also decided to steal some spotlight at Tokyo Game Show 2019 almost at the same time! And guess… Read More »

A NEW VR Gaming Arena – KAT VRMIS Coming Soon to IAAPA Expo Europe 2019! Sep. 17-19, 2019

Looking for a universal VR gaming solution designed specifically to meet the requirements of modern E-Sport and multiplayer entertainment? Your search is finally over – you’re in the right place! We’re thrilled to announce that our NEW Virtual Reality Arena – KAT VRMIS will make its first public appearance during the French IAAPA Expo Europe… Read More »

Aim High and Boost Your Immersion with KAT Striker – The Most Realistic VR Gun Stock

Modern gaming requires modern solutions! With the growing popularity of VR e-sport and realistic First-Person Shooters that throw you in at the deep end – right into full physicality of VR interactions, controlling your virtual guns becomes a really hard nut to crack. Aiming and shooting which used to be simple in PC gaming, requires… Read More »

Having any questions about KAT loco? Check out our comprehensive Q&A!

Having any questions about KAT loco? Wondering how will its MOCAP system work? Just check out the Q&A we’ve prepared on basis of questions we collected from our Kickstarter supporters! Q: How will the loco’s MOCAP work on the basic level? A: Using the MOCAP function will be possible through adoption of a new wearing… Read More »

GET READY FOR KAT loco – A NEW VR Locomotion Solution Coming Soon!

Ever dreamt of a complete VR experience much alike these from Hollywood blockbusters? We probably all did! Throughout years, the VR industry has been giving us hope, constantly heading towards full physicality of VR Interactions. Now, having reached realistic head control over vision and hand control over manual interactions, it is time to make the… Read More »

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