Beyond Gaming: Earthquake Survival Simulation

Do you know how to maximize your chances of surviving a life-threatening event such as a deadly earthquake in one piece? Watch us trying to make a difference and revolutionize the way we all think about crisis precautions education and counteracting lethal effects of calamities!

We’ve all seen one of these fearsome videos presenting bloodcurdling outcomes of cataclysms.

  • Tsunamis
  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes
  • Volcanic eruptions

and many others pose a real threat to millions of people every day. We know very well, that regardless how beautiful she is, mother nature really hates our guts but how much do we actually know about the necessary safety measures to protect ourselves from her deadly fury?

Disregarding how important it is to continuously educate and increase the awareness level of society with use of all traditional means, we all know it’s impossible to acquire the crucial experience by simply reading a brochure. While theoretical knowledge fails to teach us how to control fear, and facing the real-life experience means it’s already too late for education, there seems to be another way.

Ever wondered how will application of innovative technologies change society’s perception of natural disasters, necessary safety precautions and finally, our approach to educative values of proper preparation to life-threatening calamities? Application of virtual reality simulations allows to effectively test people’s preparation for being exposed to a critical situation in realistic, dreadful and immersive, yet completely safe environment.

Technological solutions provided by KAT VR allow to safely perform a wide variety of actions. Entering the world of virtual reality on one of our KAT Walk mini stations – world’s first Non-Restrictive, Omni-Directional VR Treadmills, you can freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, strafe and walk, backwards, crouch or even get down to take cover and pick items up. Thanks to open, ergonomic design you could crouch to crowl your way out through a tight passage, remove obstacles or try to dodge falling objects. With its 6DoF (Degree of Freedom), the only limitation is your imagination. At the same time, smart back-support device and a waist strap ensure your full personal safety.

VR Earthquake Survival Simulation allows trainees to face real, claustrophobic experience of being buried under a pile of rubble, introduces them into practical knowledge and teaches correct reactions that can decide of life or death in real-life situation. Going through the simulation you can learn practical knowledge, such as:

  • How to recognize the early signs of upcoming disaster?
  • How to control your fear and react promptly?
  • Where to find the most secure cover?
  • How to survive under the rubble?
  • and much more.

Being something more than just an interesting and thought-provoking experience, participation in VR earthquake simulation can really change people’s life and decide about their survival in face of a real disaster. Moreover, virtual reality is soon going to greatly influence all areas of our life and the only limitation to its practical application is our imagination. The entire team of KAT VR feels truly honored having chance to shape the direction of VR’s development and improvement, especially when it comes to solutions, that could help us save precious lives. 

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