Beyond Gaming: Firefighting in VR.

Firefighting recruits lack actual field combat experience? Sole theoretical practice cannot entirely express how dangerous the situation is? So how can we effectively accentuate the sense of danger while still ensuring safety?

To get you started, you’d need;

  • A VR Headset (Oculus Rift, PiMax, HTC Vive…)
  • and an Omni-directional treadmill, like KATVR’s very own.

The firefighting training simulator is a virtual system for practicing maneuvers and procedure necessary for fire extinguishing and rescues.

It is a practical tool oriented to the execution of firefighting personnel, in which extinguishing and rescuing scenarios are created virtually so that they have to take the appropriate strategic decisions with successful intervention.

Using virtual reality to hone their skills and assess competence in handling emergency situations.

Thanks to virtual reality and the realistic 3D models of environment and necessary equipment, it is possible for individuals in command to experiment with risky situations in a completely safe way.

This could give them experience they might not otherwise get, then. It could also be used to help educate people about fire safety. The demo shown in this video is actually part of a larger series of firefighting scenarios, such as;

  • Workplace & School fire escape drills.

  • Home Safety risk prevention.

  • And other settings such as an Industry scene, car wreck, and Chemical plant.

With an effective training system for tactical firefighting and ventilation techniques. The simulator offers a high level of realism due to the motion-based sensor technology in combination with high fidelity virtual reality simulation. The sensor technology replicates the user’s actions and movements in a simulated environment such as the turning of their head, running, and kneeling. Not to mention the meticulous environment/setting design that goes into simulating conditions similar to a real fire; temperature, smoke concentration, toxicity… which all vary depending on which scenario is played out.

In addition to training firefighting and ventilation techniques and tactics, other training objectives including search and rescue, recognition of hazardous situations and working as a team can be met using the simulator.

Virtual reality is becoming an essential training tool for many industries as fast as it is growing… and with it leaning towards practical application, expect to see virtual reality work its way into your job in the near future.

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