KAT VR Entering an Official Partnership with Synthesis VR

Great news for all commercial users of our KAT Walk Series’ Omni-Directional Treadmills! Synthesis VR, a complete management, game enhancement and licensing platform for location-based VR (LBVR) entertainment centers has just entered an official partnership with KAT VR. Together, Synthesis VR and KAT VR aim to enrich the LBVR ecosystem by delivering a premium set… Read More »

VR Loco(motion) Revolution Coming to Japan – Public Debut at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Sep. 12-15

Looks like the season for exhibitions has finally begun for serious! Not only did we just announce the very first public appearance of our NEW Gaming Arena – KAT VRMIS at IAAPA Paris (Read more HERE), but also decided to steal some spotlight at Tokyo Game Show 2019 almost at the same time! And guess… Read More »

A NEW VR Gaming Arena – KAT VRMIS Coming Soon to IAAPA Expo Europe 2019! Sep. 17-19, 2019

Looking for a universal VR gaming solution designed specifically to meet the requirements of modern E-Sport and multiplayer entertainment? Your search is finally over – you’re in the right place! We’re thrilled to announce that our NEW Virtual Reality Arena – KAT VRMIS will make its first public appearance during the French IAAPA Expo Europe… Read More »

Aim High and Boost Your Immersion with KAT Striker – The Most Realistic VR Gun Stock

Modern gaming requires modern solutions! With the growing popularity of VR e-sport and realistic First-Person Shooters that throw you in at the deep end – right into full physicality of VR interactions, controlling your virtual guns becomes a really hard nut to crack. Aiming and shooting which used to be simple in PC gaming, requires… Read More »

Having any questions about KAT loco? Check out our comprehensive Q&A!

Having any questions about KAT loco? Wondering how will its MOCAP system work? Just check out the Q&A we’ve prepared on basis of questions we collected from our Kickstarter supporters! Q: How will the loco’s MOCAP work on the basic level? A: Using the MOCAP function will be possible through adoption of a new wearing… Read More »

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