Seeking Dawn – an Extraterrestrial Sci-Fi Adventure Now Available on KAT Walk mini!

Have you ever looked at the night sky thinking what’s waiting there? Will humanity ever reach the bright stars and prove, that it’s worthy being portrayed as something more than just a meaningless blink of an eye on a jerkwater galactic rock called earth? We have good news – you’re not alone, so take your… Read More »

KAT VR Conquers New Markets – an Exclusive Distribution Offer Has Just Begun!

After a successful release of KAT Walk mini – world’s very first Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional VR Treadmill, KAT VR continues to expand. With first batches of KAT Walk mini units reaching overseas clients, arcade centers and distributors, KAT VR decides to prepare an exclusive summer offer for the latter. Diverse pricing privileges, giveaways, promotion opportunities and… Read More »

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