Oasis – KAT Walk mini public debut at China Joy

China Joy – one of world’s largest electronic entertainment expos and a true oasis for all geeks and video games lovers finally came to an end on Monday, August 6th. For four marvelous days Shanghai turned into a sanctuary and a pilgrimage destination for thousands of players, video games developers and gaming equipment manufacturers. Obviously,… Read More »


Dear users, You may experience the abnormal function on your VR peripheral products due to the recent update of SteamVR thus causing a failure of walking on KAT Walk products when playing inSteam games. We are sorry about that. If you happen to meet such problem, please download the toolkit shown below and follow the… Read More »

Beyond Gaming: Firefighting in VR.

Firefighting recruits lack actual field combat experience? Sole theoretical practice cannot entirely express how dangerous the situation is? So how can we effectively accentuate the sense of danger while still ensuring safety?  To get you started, you’d need; A VR Headset (Oculus Rift, PiMax, HTC Vive…) and an Omni-directional treadmill, like KATVR’s very own.… Read More »

Beyond Gaming: Railway maintenance in VR.

Not the most thrilling demonstration of VR application, but a thoroughly instructive simulation on railway maintenance nonetheless. The advent of VR and its auxiliary devices to emulate feel and motion  saw video games become the center stage for its utility. Although, beyond gaming, VR is reforming workforce maintenance training and crisis management in smart industries.… Read More »

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