Exploring the Middle East – KAT Walk mini’s Debut in the United Arab Emirates at DEAL Exhibition

It has been a while, since KAT VR first announced its participation in the Dubai Entertainment, Amusement & Leisure Exhibition (DEAL). And it has been a while since our team was so excited about anything! This three day-long expo took place in the Dubai World Trade Center which for a short while became a true Mecca for hundreds of exhibitors, and thousands of visitors from all over the world. But most importantly, it was our first public debut in the United Arab Emirates, and just the very first step into the Arabic markets of the Persian Gulf – many more yet to come!

DEAL 2019 in Numbers

The 25th annual event sponsored by International Expo Consults took place between 25th and 27th of March 2019, and turned into a huge success both for its organizers, and for the team KATVR as well. We believe it’s more than enough to say, that the show was visited by over 10 000 guests from more than a hundred countries! Moreover, more than 60% of them represented top tier management capable of making on the spot decisions. But most importantly, none of those who were passing by could help themselves but stop to give our KAT Walk mini a try!  

KATtractions of the Booth No. 2-B199

Over 350 people who visited our booth had a chance to experience the future of E-sport with 3 KAT Walk mini stations, and two great FPS games we prepared for them:

  • VR Battlefield
  • Zoomday VR

At the same time, our guests could test VR multiplayer gaming at its best. With KAT Walk mini ensuring full freedom of motion under maximum safety, one could even completely forget about the real world and get entirely immersed into the modern field of battle or the dreadful zombie apocalypse.

More about our VR Multiplayer Gaming Solution – KAT VR MIS

With great games comes great fun.. and as it happens, there is nothing greater than a neat VR Multiplayer Game that you can play with a pack of friends. Especially if you could enter the virtual world on your own feet. Sound’s interesting?

Let us introduce you to our VR Multiplayer Infinite Walking Space Solution – KAT VR MIS, an innovative system we have designed specifically for cooperative, and competitive gaming! Our solution overcomes the space limitation problem allowing for a safe, and deeply immersive exploration of infinite virtual worlds. All of that can be achieved through professional arrangement of several KAT Walk mini stations which can be easily connected into a single system allowing for a deeply immersive multiplayer experience.

Full Freedom of motion in the Virtual World

What’s more, it is only natural to expect that multiplayer gaming might require some dynamic actions such as running, dodging, leaning back and forward, strafing or crouching to successfully hide, avoid enemies, and fight back. All of that can be achieved thanks to 6 DOF (Degree of Freedom) that KAT Walk mini offers.

In addition, our smart protective system is capable of predicting your next move, and reacts to it instantly, ensuring full safety of use at all time!

Its versatility makes KAT Walk mini a great choice for both commercial use in VR Arcades, and for personal use at home.

Contact us now at global@katvr.com to learn more, and place an inquiry

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