Gear up for the Zombie Apocalypse at Zomday VR – Now Fully Compatible with KAT Walk mini!

Finally managed to pull yourself together, and beat AFFECTED: The Manor that we have introduced just recently? Already missing the thrill of walking into the unknown, and facing the true horror on your own? Well, we’ve got some good news – there is a new dreadful challenge waiting for you! But this time you’re gonna need help. Prepare some MRE ration packs, grab just anything that remotely resembles a weapon, and prepare for a real ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE at Zoomday VR – now fully compatible with KAT Walk mini!

Zomday VR, developed by our partners from Into Games Studio will throw you just into the middle of a world-wide zombie crisis situation in which a gun at your side is your best friend. That of course does not mean you’re gonna have to face the hordes of the walking dead completely on your own – that would be a suicide!

A team of trusted allies, and the highest level of teamwork will be needed to survive. Ever skipped some team-building activities? Well, now you seriously don’t stand a chance! Zoomday VR puts a strong focus on players’ interactions, and cooperative planning. Handle an additional gun directly to your friend, and share some ammo or find yourself alone, and doomed!

This great First-Person Shooter offers both single, and multiplayer experience so finally you can get your entire gang together and handle the zombie apocalypse just the way it should be dealt with! Hold your ground, and resist countless waves of biters, having your flanks covered by actual friends. Got bitten? Finally you can evade all the responsibility, and blame your noob teammates! May they rot in hell, these darn rookies!

How to join the battle together?

With a game like this, you can finally make the best use of our KAT VR MIS (Multiplayer Infinite Walking Space Solution) – an innovative system we have designed specifically for multiplayer gaming within the VR! Our solution overcomes the space limitation problem allowing for a safe, and deeply immersive exploration of infinite virtual worlds! All of that can be achieved through professional arrangement of several KAT Walk mini stations which can be easily connected into a single system allowing for a deeply immersive multiplayer experience.   

What’s more, it is only natural to expect that a zombie FPS game might require from player to take some dynamic actions such as running, dodging, leaning back and forward, or crouching to successfully hide, avoid enemies, and fight them effectively when needed. All of that can be achieved thanks to 6DOF (Degree of Freedom) that our device offers.

In addition, our smart protective system is capable of predicting your next move, and reacts instantly ensuring full safety of use at all time!

A True Challenge for Hardcore Gamers!

If the standard story mode is not enough of a struggle for you, get ready for multiple challenge modes that will allow you to test your preparation for a zombie apocalypse in different situations! Now you can check what you’re made of in:

  • Survival Mode
  • Sniper Mode
  • Blade Mode.

Do you have the guts to face the roamers with just a knife in your hand?

Soon available at Dubai DEAL Exhibition!

Come, test our KAT VR MIS System with Zomday VR during the 2019 Dubai Entertainment, Amusement & Leisure Exhibition that will take place in Dubai World Trade Center from March 25 to 27! Don’t miss the best opportunity to try KAT Walk mini in the Middle East!

Visit the booth NO. 2-B199, and check it out yourself!

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