GET READY FOR KAT loco – A NEW VR Locomotion Solution Coming Soon!

Ever dreamt of a complete VR experience much alike these from Hollywood blockbusters? We probably all did! Throughout years, the VR industry has been giving us hope, constantly heading towards full physicality of VR Interactions. Now, having reached realistic head control over vision and hand control over manual interactions, it is time to make the final step and activate our lower body!

KAT loco – The NEW Standard of VR Locomotion

We’re excited to announce our newest release – KAT loco, the world’s first complete and affordable locomotion system allowing to carry out just any physical action supported by VR games and applications. As a comprehensive foot-based locomotion solution, it is the last missing piece of the puzzle, and the last step to creation of a complete VR system with foot control for locomotion.

Our system consists of three wireless sensors developed specifically to free your hands from controlling body directions and allow you to walk, run, strafe and perform all other actions with your feet. Such an approach allows us to achieve far more intuitive and accurate actions in VR gaming, especially when compared to traditional thumbs-based locomotion systems which all failed to provide an optimal solution capable of integrating high immersion with convenience.

KAT loco effectively utilizes their advantages without repeating their flaws, and gives you access to infinite virtual space in digital world, at the same time only requiring minimum physical space in the real one.  Being based on movement in place, it allows you to completely forget about space limitation and dangerous collisions with physical objects that commonly occur when using Roomscale. Moreover, it offers incomparably greater immersion than unrealistic half-measures such as teleportation, and through stimulation of inner-ear also helps to deal with motion-sickness problem afflicting many users of thumbs-operated free locomotion.

What actions are supported?

KAT loco supports a wide variety of actions including just any movement you might want to or need to carry out during your virtual adventures:

  • Walk, and run with analogue speed in each game and VR application that supports it.
  • Use decoupled head and body directions allowing to independently look around, aim, and shoot while constantly moving towards any intended direction.
  • Move backwards to effortlessly retreat.
  • Strafe to take cover, dodge enemy bullets or simply stay in motion.
  • Use our special Cruise Control function that allows to keep moving in a certain direction at a certain speed without constantly walking in reality
  • Interact with your surroundings in a natural way with KAT loco’s Roomscale support allowing to carry out just any physical action such crouching, jumping, and even going prone!

What makes it different from other systems?

Being the most versatile and complete locomotion system in terms of functionality, KAT loco still offers the most simplistic and user-friendly design available. It integrates dozens of additional functions and features, each of which was developed to ensure deepest immersion, best user experience, and highest convenience of use.

Discover the new quality of VR locomotion with:

  • Our wireless, user friendly design, and super durable batteries
  • Advanced algorithms, and low motion latency
  • Universal compatibility with all major headsets
  • Support for ALL Free Locomotion games on all major platforms
  • Keyboard, and gamepad modes
  • Multifunctional software
  • VR/PC – Integrated Control Panel
  • Adjustable parameters
  • And more!

What’s most important, KAT loco is the world’s very first VR locomotion solution offering high-quality experience suitable for HOME use and available to EVERYONE! Stay tuned about KAT loco’s Kickstarter campaign (starting in June, 2019), and don’t miss our super early-bird awards starting from just $79!

More info coming soon!

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