Giveaway Winners Announcement

Hello KATers!


Our giveaway ended yesterday, we were thrilled to see thousands of KAT fans from all over the world try their luck and share this opportunity with their friends.

To keep things fair, we picked out the lucky winners randomly using, making sure everyone has a fair chance!

Below are the names of the lucky winners, our team will email you soon about the details of receiving your award, and if your name is in the list but you were not contacted, then please email us on and we will verify your entry as soon as possible.

And now, for the most important part. The winners:

Winners of the SteamVR Game Keys:

Gabriel Wrycza UK
Guillermo Bautista US
Corey Clarke UK
Gregory a Boyd US
David Amwake US
Philip Colwill UK
Corneel Soete Belgium
Eljayyed UK
Josue Temperly Brazil
Andreas Jack Christiansen Germany
Teddy Feltes N/A
Liam McKane US
Kevin Magee Canada
Blade Burgos US
Robert Creech US
Jason Lin US
Cameron Wallace US
Paul Lloud UK
Mark Wells UK
Stephano Hondeveld Netherlands
Kylerk US
Gus Bunce Australia
Ido Meged Israel
Marcus UK
Samuel Martin Wayzeer Ireland
Brady Spiess US
Stephen Hwang US
Henry Alexander Lopez US
Brandon Arguedas Costa Rica
Brandon Preble US
Anja Louw N/A
Crystal Porter Canada
Eduardo Marquez Mexico
SirRyan Landmark US
Justin Malcolm US
Luke Laurin Canada
Frank Plascencia US
Tanner Williams US
Marco Sieben Germany
Maddie Ichigo Australia
Michael Kerstetter US
Ash Round UK
Remi Combacal France
Daniel Svetoni UK
Tasos D Sinanis Greece
Samantha Thomas US
Travis Derr US
Anthony Collins US
Sam Petueli New Zeeland
Shaheer Ahmed Pakistan
Bryson Laird US
David Milic Croatia
Dennis Green US
Travis US
Heather Wesley Canada
Darin Simokov US
Ahmed Magroun France
Peyton Mitchem US
Bravonney Walker US
Adam Palmer US
Tanaka Madzima Canada
Dylan Shaw US
Wesley Frisby Mauritius
Jenn Ham US
Gilbert Julian Jr US
Blair Farrington US
David Elton UK
Jesse Rosado US
Jazmin Reyes US
Alexandre Abraham France
Robert Whitacre US
Nils Marmelade Germany
Thomas Hamren Sweden
Patrick Sullivan US
Jonathan Graham UK
Dan O’reilly Ireland
Alfie Froude UK
Marcelo US
Bruce Freeman US
Will Griesmer US
Tycho Belgium
Nicholas Posluszny US
Jacob Mobley US
Lindsay Smith US
Kurt Diehl US
Alexander Olson US
Nikola Croatia
Jakob Fushtey Canada
Tema Browne Trinidad and Tobago
Carlos Raposo Portugal
Kyle Waits US
Alejandro Mexico
Jiri Czech Republic
Sergio Flores Gallego Spain
Jackson Pihl US
Christian Arcena Canada
Josip Kovacic Croatia
Ej Perales US
Raira Carvalho Brazil
William Quicksey US


Winners of the Rifle Stock:

Myrothas Mcmillan Germany
Tim Daniels Netherlands
Se7en Thailand
Feliciano Mendez Dominican Republic
Russel Boyd US
Vincent Kahn US
Thales Brazil
Daniel Hernandez US
Wesley Kent US
Damian Szafranek Poland


Winners of the Oculus Go VR Headset:

Tobias Schellemann Germany
Kevin Pasmans Belgium
Devell Taylor Jr US
Alberto Galan Spain
Mohammed UK



And finally, the luckiest of them all. Winner of the KAT Walk mini:

Rob Spann Canada


Please note that winners who do not respond within 48 hours will be disqualified and we will randomly pick another winner in their place. So make sure to check your email address and Spam folder just in case.

Thank you to all participants and better luck next time! We will be having more activities like these in the future so make sure to stay tuned and follow our social media.

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Learn more about the KAT Walk mini from here

6 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners Announcement

  1. Woohoo! Shout out too all the Winners and those who didn’t win this time, I’m sure they’ll be future events.

  2. Yaaaay! Thank you so much for the Giveaway! <3
    Will be very happy to play with the Rifle Stock soon. 🙂
    Congratulations to all others!

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