IAAPA Show Coming Soon! Get Ready and Check out 5 Reasons to Visit The Booth No. 2891! Spoiler Alert –> |VR TREADMILL – KAT Walk mini|

With November right around the corner, and the IAAPA show coming up fast, team KAT got a lot on its plate recently. Believe me or not but preparing for one of the biggest events of the year is not all roses, and requires some serious sacrifices (Some of us have already forgot the sweet feeling of holding the controllers in our hands!) but boy I’m tellin’ ya, and you have my word – it’s gonna be a real blast! We’ve prepared some special attractions for everyone who visits our booth and dares to enter the Virtual World on own feet. Not persuaded yet? Just keep reading and check out what awaits you in the booth No. 2891

But now, let’s not forget about the rule number one – first things first! Let’s just hold on for a minute, and answer the most important question:

What’s all this noise even about?

Well, if you haven’t heard about the IAAPA Attractions Expo shame on you heathen! Organized by the American International Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions, IAAPA Exhibition in Orlando, Florida is recognized as the largest trade show of its kind around the globe. The annual event gathers thousands of exhibitors from all over the world, and obviously we just couldn’t miss this opportunity to show our favorite toys to the outside world!

From November 13th to 16th, Team KAT is going to show its youngest baby – world’s first Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional VR Treadmill – KAT Walk mini to American VR enthusiasts for the very first time! Moreover, its appearance in our booth in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando is also going to be its first-ever public debut across the Pacific! If you ask me, it’s a darn good reason to turn that show into 4 days of fun to remember!

Now, when you already know our secret plan let’s get down to business, shall we?

Why do we believe that each real VR Geek should come visit our booth in Orlando?
Well, here are just 5 out of dozens of good reasons:

1. Experiencing Cutting-edge Technologies for the First Time

Even though I probably don’t have to explain to anyone here why is VR so cool in general, one might actually ask what makes KAT’s ideas and VR technologies so special? Let’s just use some simple analogy:

KAT VR is to the entire VR industry what the IAAPA Expo is to the entire entertainment business in the US. Team KAT believes in its mission and never stops seeking perfection and supporting the development of innovative technologies. Our newest release – KAT Walk mini finally succeeds where all of its predecessors have failed – it allows for unrestricted and infinite actions within the world of the virtual. With application of its open ergonomic design, KAT Walk mini achieves the highest, sixth degree of motion freedom (6DOF).

2. Checking Out Its Infinite Applications

On its long way to becoming the world’s leading supplier of VR treadmills, KAT VR spent a lot of efforts supporting the development of numerous futuristic applications of VR technologies, including its obvious applications in the entertainment industry but also smart learning and specialistic trainings within the VR simulations

We probably all agree that even a basic VR headset alone allows for much fun but how much does application of KAT Walk mini allow for? Only just anything!

3. An Exclusive Distributorship Offer!

What’s more, KAT VR has prepared some special preferential policies for business partners in the US. Many exclusive benefits await potential clients who decide to visit the booth number 2891 during the exhibition. More details available during the IAAPA Attraction Expo from 13th to 16thof November.

Of course, you can also reach us and place an order through our e-mail address – global@katvr.com or our hotline – +86 0571 8610 5373

4. Testing KAT Walk mini FOR FREE

Let’s not pretend, we all know that’s what everyone is counting on! Come, visit the booth No. 2891 and test KAT Walk mini yourself completely free of charge! During our visit in Orlando, anyone can step onto KAT Walk mini for 5 minutes and experience one of three great VR games we’ve prepared for you!

Speaking of…

5. We’ve Brought Your Favorite Toys Too!

Don’t miss the chance to choose one of three great First-Person Shooters to play, and fully immerse yourself in the Virtual Reality. Whether you feel like joining the Soviet Russian army in “Pavlov VR”, entering the modern field of battle in “VR Battlefield” or exploring the surrealistic environment of a secret military base much alike one from the ‘mission impossible’ movies in “Bullet Sorrow”, you’ll definitely find yourself entertained!

“Pavlov” game screen
“Bullet Sorrow” Game Screen
“VR Battlefield” game screen

In addition, all three games can support online multiplayer competitive modes that become a whole new experience when enhanced with KAT Walk mini. In order to provide better support for VR online games, KAT VR has developed a KAT VRMIS System (Virtual Reality Multiplayer Infinite walking Solutions), which enables players to break the limitation of space and time, and enter the same VR battlefield and the very same moment to carry out unlimited actions on a small actual space and in a safe environment.

Therefore, to provide best VR experience, team KAT decided to bring as many as FOUR KAT Walk minis to the excitation site! Feel invited to bring your friends and experience the Virtual Reality together!

All of that being said, are you sure you have too much on your plate to visit us in Orlando?

Whether you are a VR enthusiast or a business representative don’t miss this chance and come visit us at IAAPA!

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