KAT Entertainment Platform Migration Notice

Dear users,

in order to provide you with best quality service, KAT VR decided to carry out full migration from its old business entertainment platform into the new one. Therefore, users of all Business Versions of KAT Entertainment Platform will now be granted access to KAT I/O Business Edition!

At the same time, the old platform will be officially closed on January 2, 2019, and will no longer be available. In order to keep using our solutions, please download the latest version of KAT I/O Business Edition as soon as possible, and log into your account as usual. Your K-coin balance will remain unchanged.

KAT I/O Business Edition

How to upgrade the platform for free? 

First, click HERE to download the installation file for KAT I/O Business Edition, version 2.3.1, which can be also accessed manually through our website -> Support -> Software Download. 

Launch the KAT I/O Setup file, and complete the installation process. 

Open the KAT I/O Business Edition platform, and log into your account as normal. Your username, password, and K-Coins balance will remain unchanged.

Enjoy using the business edition of our new platform!

Introduction to KAT I/O Business Edition.

KAT I/O Business Edition is a new-generation offline VR Platform developed, and carefully polished by KAT VR in order to provide you with best gaming experience. All series of KAT Walk products, including KAT Walk mini, KAT Walk, KAT Walk Premium, and KAT Walk Junior are now compatible and fully supported by our new software with all of its bells and whistles. 

Thanks to accumulated knowledge, and experience we have acquired throughout all the years we are operating on the VR market, Team KAT VR is fully aware that providing the hardware is merely the beginning of the product life as well as just the first step into a long-term relation between us, and all the customers who supported our vision and chose KAT products. Only providing best quality after-sale service allows to reveal all of the product’s features and advantages.

Therefore, our full commitment to excellence led us to creation of a comprehensive content operation service tool that provides the owners of KAT Walk treadmills with reliable offline solutions, and ensures high customer satisfaction. 

Based on customers’ positive and negative experience with its predecessor, KAT I/O follows the reliable solutions, and avoids the flaws of our old platform to bring more joy, and good experience for both old and new users.

New, Better Experience!

KAT I/O Business Edition is based on a modern technology framework, capable of providing faster response, and smoother navigation than the previous solutions. Our professional technical team continuously improves the platform to address the market requirements, and ensure stable product performance. New, neat interface design makes KAT I/O easier to use, and more approachable for everyone!


New Games!

What’s more, a lot of new gaming content has been added into the new platform. Apart from the popular and well recognizable titles such as Bullet Sorrow or Blood Strike, many additional KAT native games including VR Battlefield, and Revoke have been uploaded onto KAT I/O.

New more to come

Download KAT I/O now and enjoy all of its features!
Team KAT VR wishes you best quality experience with our new platform!

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