KAT VR Entering an Official Partnership with Synthesis VR

Great news for all commercial users of our KAT Walk Series’ Omni-Directional Treadmills!

Synthesis VR, a complete management, game enhancement and licensing platform for location-based VR (LBVR) entertainment centers has just entered an official partnership with KAT VR. Together, Synthesis VR and KAT VR aim to enrich the LBVR ecosystem by delivering a premium set of both hardware and software solutions. 

“At KAT VR, we are amazed by the technical abilities of Synthesis VR and the solutions they have provided the LBVR market. Synthesis VR is a top-notch platform and a true home for the vast solutions we build.”, said Kaye Pang, KAT VR CEO. “Synthesis VR understands and unleashes the power of KAT VR. We are confident our customers will appreciate all the hard work we put into making this partnership come true”.

“As omnidirectional treadmills used as a potential VR apparatus increased and accepted widely in the LBVR industry, we are excited to offer native integration with KAT VR.”, said A Shabeer Sinnalebbe, Synthesis VR CEO. “We couldn’t have hoped for a better partner than KAT VR. Our synergy and what we have achieved together is a win for the LBVR industry and a huge step towards unified and reliable business processes.”

The native integration between KAT I/O (KAT VR’s platform dedicated to KAT Walk, and KAT Walk mini ODTs) and the Synthesis VR platform allow fast setup, powerful VR launchers, additional games, strong billing, membership and reward programs, all that bundled together with online booking widgets and strong business reports. Using KAT VR hardware together with the SynthesisVR magic is a smart choice, preferred by VR arcades, FEC, E-sport and entertainment venues all over the world.

About Synthesis VR:

Synthesis VR is a complete management, game enhancement and licensing platform for location-based VR (LBVR) entertainment centers, designed by pioneering LBVR operators to provide the critical functions needed to operate and profit from LBVR centers. Synthesis VR separates itself from other existing platforms with unparalleled features, customer service and support. The company continues to introduce new features like support for Free Roam, multiple experiences, mixed reality, memberships, video recording and streaming, and much more, for LBVR center owners to thrive and scale.

If you’re ready to test the combined forces of KAT VR and Synthesis VR, get in touch with us at global@katvr.com to place an inquiry.

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