KAT VR Preparing to Break Fresh Ground at Dubai DEAL Exhibition

With the beginning of 2019, the right moment has also come for KAT VR to make a big step forward in terms of our position in the global market. Finally, it’s time to break fresh ground, and try something new. That being said, we are excited to announce that our team will appear at Dubai Entertainment, Amusement & Leisure Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates to pave the way for world’s first Unrestrictive, Omni-Directional VR Treadmill, in the Middle East!

The annual event takes place at the Dubai World Trade Center from March 25 to march 27, and is the biggest entertainment exhibition of this kind in the region! We can promise you one thing – KAT VR certainly won’t miss such an opportunity nor will it come emptyhanded! Visit the booth No. 2B-199 and check it out yourself!

2019 DEAL Exhibition

It is estimated, that this year’s exhibition area will exceed 20,000 square meters, and attract over 370 professional exhibitors from all around the globe making it one of the most time worthy entertainment events of the year. Besides countless leisure products, and services, visitors will certainly have plenty of opportunities to try some cool gaming equipment including three KAT Walk minis we are planning to take with us to steal the show. But that’s not everything!

KAT VR MIS, VR Battlefield, and Zomday VR!

During our first big public show of 2019, KAT VR will present the VR Multiplayer Infinite Walking Space Solution (KAT VRMIS) – an innovative system we have designed specifically for online multiplayer gaming within the virtual world! Our solution allows for a professional arrangement of more than one KAT Walk mini station in order to connect them into a single system.

Its very idea makes it a perfect fit for a Location Based Entertainment (LBE). What’s more, KAT VR provides an effective method of an offline VR pavilion establishment, and management. A safe, and deeply immersive exploration of unlimited virtual worlds solves many problems including space limitation, safety hazards, and repeatability of the experience.

Visitors of our booth will have a great chance to take a peak at what KAT VRMIS is capable of!

Our solution will allow multiple players to break the space, and time limitation and simultaneously enter the virtual reality to play two out of dozens of great VR games compatible with our technology – VR Battlefield, and Zomday VR.

VR Battlefield – one of the most developed Virtual Reality First-Person Shooters mostly focuses on a multiplayer online competition mode, enabling you to face the enemy team with a group of friends on your side. Together you can literally walk into the virtual battlefields to dominate the area and compete for glory. It’s an immersive experience that will make you feel like playing your favorite FPS in the real life!

Zomday VR throws you just into the middle of a world-wide zombie crisis situation in which a gun at your side is your best friend. That of course does not mean you’re gonna have to face the hordes of the walking dead completely on your own – that would be a suicide! A team of trusted allies, and the highest level of teamwork will be needed to survive. Ever skipped some team-building activities? Well, now you seriously don’t stand a chance! Zoomday VR puts a strong focus on players’ interactions, and cooperative planning. Handle an additional gun directly to your friend, and share some ammo or find yourself alone, and doomed!

Before the March, 25 comes, KAT VR will provide more information regarding our solutions, as well as our distributor, and business-support policies available for anyone who would like to establish a partnership. Meanwhile, watch our social media channels and stay tuned or contact us at global@katvr.com for more details

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