KAT Walk mini Sets a High Bar for VR Entertainment – Exquisite Debut at Orlando IAAPA Show 2018

The long-announced IAAPA 2018 entertainment show had finally come on last Tuesday, 13th of November. Team KAT VR was waiting for this moment for months! And so were three units of KAT Walk mini, impatiently awaiting their chance to break free from the tight boxes to entertain hundreds of VR enthusiasts, and players from all over the world. But then… it just all ended in a blink of an eye! What a pity!

The 100th annual exhibition organized by the American International Association of Amusement Parks, and Attractions came to an end on 16th of November at 6pm local time. In comparison with the Amsterdam Euro Attraction Show that we have visited a couple of weeks ago, IAAPA turned out to be even more vibrant, bigger, and more international. A true capital of the world’s entertainment at its best! According to its organizers, the show brought over 1150 exhibitors from Germany, France, Japan, China, Turkey and many other states!

IAAPA Orange County Convention Center in Orlando – by Blooloop.

The numbers definitely speak for themselves. Just during the first day of the show IAAPA has been visited by almost 40, 000 people, and the number of professional business visitors reached 24, 800! We bet they all just couldn’t resist, and had to come, check out our booth themselves! That would at least partially explain the crowd waiting in front of our exhibition everyday to test KAT Walk mini and try one of the VR games we’ve prepared, such as Bullet Sorrow VR, VR Battlefield, and Pavlov.

During the show, KAT VR warmly welcomed players, VR enthusiasts, arcade owners and professional importers from all over the world. Guests from United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, South Korea, China and many other countries turned the booth NO. 2891 into a real Babel Tower!

Such a cool pose can only be performed on KAT Walk mini!
Lifting a foot nervously?? It must have been immersive!
Walking that sneakily definitely requires some freedom of body motion!

Oh, hold on a second.. Just male visitors?
Well… if you seriously think our devices were only appealing to men, you are terribly wrong! The girls, and women waiting for their turn to try the best Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional VR Treadmill were hard to count too!

A modern girl passionate about modern technologies!
First Rule of VR Club – Always talk about VR club… and bring your babies in!
Young Girls, White-Collar  business-women, Mothers – KAT Walk mini is for everyone!

But hey, what about kids? Don’t they deserve some fun too?

They certainly do!

You don’t need to look for your inner child if you are still a child!

What’s more – KAT Walk mini is not only for everyone. It also allows for almost everything! 

  • Running
  • Turning around
  • Crouching
  • Sitting down
  • Leaning back and forward
  • Walking backwards and sideways
Ever thought crouching is not possible on a VR treadmill? Bam!
That’s it! Lean forward first, and have a closer look before you shoot! Ask questions later!
Don’t stop shooting even if you have to run really fast!

All of that, and much more is possible thanks to KAT Walk mini’s unique, open and nonrestrictive ergonomic design, as well as due to application of an intelligent, predictive protection system that automatically determines the direction of body motion, and provides complete security without movement limitations. What’s more – unlike other VR treadmills, KAT Walk mini offers a very high device to body adaptivity.

What’s more – an ordinary use of KAT Walk mini can be furtherly enhanced thanks to the KAT VR Multiplayer & Infinite Walking Space Solution (KAT VRMIS) system. A combination of four units allows multiple players to break the limitation of space, and simultaneously enter the same Virtual Reality environment, where they can cooperate, and compete in one of many great multiplayer games compatible with our technology – Bullet Sorrow VR, VR battlefield, Pavlov and many others offer a deeply immersive experience for a group of friends!

As mentioned before, four days of our performance in Orlando indeed ended way too fast but frankly speaking it was not all fun and joy but some hard work as well! Fortunately, we did not exhibit our newest release in vain, nor did we come back empty-handed! Universal compatibility, cutting-edge technological solutions, modern design, and adaptivity of KAT Walk mini impressed all of our visitors.

If you share the excitement of our guests from IAAPA, please contact us through our social medias or send us an email directly at global@katvr.com to get more details about KAT Walk mini, and place your inquiry.

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