KAT Walk mini Shipments have begun !

To you, our endeared customers,

Today we are so thrilled to announce that…

The first batch of KAT Walk minis rolled out today!

Unfortunately we are a bit behind our initial schedule, but nevertheless we want to share the excitement and joy with you, the VR enthusiasts that purchased our product and our prospective clients.

The units are shipped by sea, standard class with CIF delivery. Our sales reps and customer service agents are at hand to give you information to help track your particular shipment.
We will keep you updated with the necessary information relevant to your purchase.

With product development complete and manufacture at full steam, there won’t be a waiting period between when orders are placed to when shipping starts. Don’t hesitate to browse our website to see what all the hype is about.

Thank you for your continued support in our campaign to reform VR locomotion platforms. Your trust and cooperation is integral to the KAT VR dream.

With sincere gratitude,
KAT VR team.

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