Key features of KAT I/O Business Edition – Manager Center

KAT I/O Business Edition is our native VR platform dedicated to commercial customers. At the same time, it is also a unique solution serving our vision of offline VR experience enhancement, and facilitation. That’s why today we are truly excited to present you yet another great feature of our software. Read more, and get to know KAT I/O Manager Center – a comprehensive tool granting you full insight into current status of your business. 

For a sharp-witted entrepreneur, the end of player’s gaming experience marks the beginning of a much more complicated business management process. Adaptation to a local business environment, exploration of available development paths, and selection of an optimal approach is no mean feat. KAT I/O Manager Center has been introduced specifically to help you with it.

From now on, simply open a browser, go to, and log in using your standard KAT I/O name, and password to enter our KAT I/O Manager Center and access all the information you need!

Login page

Business Data Analysis Tool

With KAT I/O Business edition no information gets lost. Each piece of data is collected, stored on our servers, and available for your insight at any time. Database includes information about most commonly played games, such as:

  • How many times they were selected?
  • What is the cumulative time they were played?

Based on collected information, KAT I/O Manager Center allows you to analyze the performance, and profitability of different games. To view the data, simply select the time range for data analysis and enjoy a full insight into your business statistics!

Data Analysis Tool

* Data referring to inSteam games might not be 100% accurate due to the operating system mechanisms. For reference only.

Reliable Data Query Tool

KAT I/O Manager Center allows commercial users of KAT Walk Series’ Treadmills to check detailed gaming records at any time. All data is being added into the system in real-time allowing you to view both historical records, and most up to date information depending on your needs. 

Thanks to the query tool, business owners can now browse the games data by game name to view information about each single launch – gaming time, consumption of K-Coins, start, and end time, and more!

In addition, all the data can be exported to Excel format, and downloaded to your local disk with a single click ensuring quick, and easy secondary analysis.

Data Query Tool

Universal compatibility with all operating systems

KAT I/O Manager Center has been designed with full compatibility with all operating systems granting you access to our databases at any time from any device! Now you can browse the data from your local computer, tablet or phone regardless of the local system (Full compatibility with both Android, and IOS).

Team KAT VR hopes that introduction of KAT I/O Manager Center will improve the overall performance of our business platform as well as facilitate data analysis, and bring a great improvement to business management for all of our customers ultimately granting them relevant tools to achieve higher investment return rate. In the future, KAT VR will develop the Manager Center into a more comprehensive, and detailed tool gradually introducing additional features, and functions.

KAT VR wishes you great experience with our new platform. We will continue to improve the performance of our technological solutions, and bring innovations in order to provide you with best quality service.
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Key Features of KAT I/O Business Edition – Real-Time Operations Widget
Key Features of KAT I/O Business Edition – VR-Interactive Information Window

At the end, we would like to once more remind you about an obligatory migration from the old Entertainment platform to KAT I/O Business edition.
Dear users of KAT Walk, KAT Walk Premium, and KAT Walk Junior – please keep in mind that our old KAT Entertainment Platform is scheduled to be officially closed on January 2, 2019, and will be no longer available. Click HERE to learn more about our migration process.

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