Key Features of KAT I/O Business Edition – Real-Time Operations Widget

First of all, we would like to once more remind you about an obligatory migration from the old Entertainment platform to KAT I/O Business edition.
Dear users of KAT Walk, KAT Walk Premium, and KAT Walk Junior – please keep in mind that our old KAT Entertainment Platform is scheduled to be officially closed on January 2, 2019, and will be no longer available. 

Now let’s get to the point, shall we?

Apart from our new customers, and users of KAT Walk mini who have already had a chance to experience the new platform for quite some time,there are many business users of our other treadmills – KAT Walk, KAT Walk Premium, and KAT Walk Junior who have just recently switched from our old KAT Entertainment Platform to KAT I/O Business Edition.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who spent some time to share constructive feedback with us. In the past weeks KAT VR has received countless positive opinions about our new platform. Most of our customers pointed out that KAT I/O Business Edition is much more practical from its predecessor, and many of the new features we have introduced greatly improved the operational efficiency. In order to help you better understand, and use the primary, and advanced functions of our platform, in the future KAT VR will introduce more of its highly acclaimed practical functions. Today we would like to help you get well acquainted with the Real-Time Operations Widget

Management of an actual offline VR Experience could be divided into three parts:

  • Pre-Experience – Focused on managing the customer reception,
  • Experience – Focused on managing the actual time within VR,
  • Post-Experience – Focused on the equipment maintenance.

Among these three aspects, the actual time within VR tends to have the greatest influence on the players satisfaction level. At the same time, the actual time of play it also the most vulnerable part of the experience, and can be easily affected by inefficient processing of maintenance operations that need to be carried out in real-time resulting in satisfaction reduction. 

Standby Mode

It is known that even the most modern VR solutions are still dealing with high technical thresholds, and require performing many complicated operations on both hardware, and software. Unlike internet cafes or traditional arcade devices, management of VR equipment requires very specific know-how. Once a problem appears, it might be necessary to interrupt the fun in order to perform a time-consuming troubleshooting process that might influence, and reduce the customer satisfaction.

KAT I/O Business edition allows to easily perform a high number of equipment optimizations, and many of its primary functions are dedicated to facilitation of the real-time equipment maintenance which can be ultimately simplified to a single button operation. Whenever an original game is launched, the Real-Time Operations Widget introduced in KAT I/O Business Edition should appear in the upper right corner of the computer screen.

Real Time Maintenance 

When using one of KAT Walk, KAT Walk Premium or KAT Walk Junior treadmills, the personnel should be able to see two buttons – “Calibration”,and “Stationary”. The operating staff can click one of the corresponding buttons at any time in order to carry out parameters’ adjustment actions. With KAT I/O Business Edition it is no longer necessary to switch screens, and look for the relevant buttons in setting.

In case of KAT Walk mini, the Real-Time Operations Widget should show the buttons – “Calibration”, and “Change Speed”. That’s right! You can now adjust the walking speed on your KAT Walk mini at any time.

Experience Timer Management

In addition, same as at the old Entertainment Platform, the widget is equipped with an experience timer which will provide the staff with real-time feedback on the status of current player’s progress. However, unlike the old platform, KAT I/O Business Edition allows the staff not only to get some insight into the player’s experience but also manage the experience timer.

If the relevant options have been enabled in the KAT I/O Business Edition settings, the widget will also allow for time counter modifications. Operating personnel can extend the duration of fun, and click the “continue” button to resume the player’s experience.

Of course, the Real Time Operations Widget is not the only nuance our new platform has to offer. In the future, we will introduce them all to you here so stay tuned, and wait for more!

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