Key features of KAT IO Business Edition – VR-Interactive Information Window.

Recently more and more of our clients start using the new entertainment platform – KAT I/O Business Edition, and KAT VR has been receiving a lot of constructive feedback for which we would like to express our sincere gratitude! Team KAT VR will keep improving its software based on your opinions to provide you with best quality service. Furthermore, we will spare no efforts to help you get acquainted with all of its new features, and ensure you can use our platform effectively! Today, the time came for getting to know our VR-Interactive Information Window.

Why do we need this feature?

To answer this question, we have to first understand that offline VR Entertainment is always being experienced by at least two people –the client, and the staff member responsible for service preparation, and implementation. Their smooth collaboration is one of the most important necessities to achieve high customer satisfaction. However, unlike in case of other offline entertainment, the very nature of Virtual Reality as an immersive experience leads to serious difficulties, and requires an innovative approach.Lack of visual interaction makes it tough to effectively communicate, and share information without immersion-breaking removal of headset. And that’s where our VR-Interactive Information Window comes to your aid!

What particular improvements does it offer?

  • Built-in Experience Progress Tracking.

VR-Interactive Information Window is a new function prepared particularly for KAT I/O Business Edition. It effectively serves the purpose of facilitating the information exchange process to ensure immersive experience consistent with a “just gear up, and dive in” idea. Now all the crucial information can be provided within the virtual world.

The player will now be able to enter the information window, and check out the remaining time at any moment without leaving the virtual world.

  • Reactive information bar.

Independently from the manual experience tracking, player will be also automatically notified about the remaining time at some crucial points – for example a pop-up information bar will appear to notify the user his/her time will soon be up when the remaining time falls below one minute.

Upon running out of time, our interactive information window will subtly notify the player to avoid sudden experience interruption, just in case the user would like to extend the time of his/her play.

  • Built-in Intelligent Calibration

In addition, our VR-Interactive Information Window also allows for quick parameters adjustment for all of our treadmills. Whether you’re using KAT Walk mini, KAT Walk, KAT Walk Premium, or KAT Walk Junior, you can access the window at any time by clicking the System Button on your VR controller, and selecting “calibration”. This one-click operation allows to quickly optimize the device for any player currently using it.

With help of the VR-Interactive Information Window available in KAT I/O Business Edition you can finally break the wall between two realities without breaking the player’s immersion. Sharing crucial information with the customer is now easier than ever, effectively improving the customer satisfaction and facilitating your work.

Team KAT VR wishes you good experience with our new platform. We will continue to improve the performance of our technological solutions, and bring innovations in order to provide you with best quality service.
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Key Features of KAT I/O Business Edition – Real-Time Operations Widget

At the end, we would like to once more remind you about an obligatory migration from the old Entertainment platform to KAT I/O Business edition.
Dear users of KAT Walk,KAT Walk Premium, and KAT Walk Junior – please keep in mind that our old KAT Entertainment Platform is scheduled to be officially closed on January 2, 2019,and will be no longer available. Click HERE to learn more about our migration process.

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