Last Chance to Try Affected the Manor [FREE OF CHARGE]

Have you tried already the creepiest VR game ever created? If not, Affected: The Manor awaits you!  Watch our guinea pig trying to beat the haunted house, and get ready to face the dread yourself!

Developed by The Fallen Planet Studios; Affected: The Manor (2016) quickly became a worldwide phenomenon with over 200 million hits on YouTube. It has been hailed the most fearful VR experience ever created. An atmospheric dark ambient music, beautifully designed, gloomy interiors, and ever-growing dread built not only on jumpscares but also on a deeply claustrophobic feeling of being trapped make the entire playthrough a truly unforgettable one.  

You are gonna start this masochistic adventure walking down a dark, long path to the main gates, merely with a dysfunctional flashlight in your hands. Hate to say it, but ‘I have a baaad feeling about this’.

Once you are in, isn’t it a good idea to have a quick look around?

Dim lights, nice vintage furniture, cozy decorations, creepy-pale-freaking-murderous-demonic-evil-possessed-frightening-little girl in a white dress, some nice pictures on the wa…


Do not look back.. Do not look back.. Do not look back.. Seriously though.. Just keep walking, and don’t EVER look back!

Oh, and don’t think it is gonna keep you completely safe from screaming like a little girl when some random door suddenly burst wide open just in front of you to let a swarm of bats fly right into your terrified face.

You think that’s it? Please, go ahead and have a closer look at that pretty gal in the picture! I bet it could have been a love at first sight.. if she even had any sight at all (yikes!).

And all of that is just the beginning! There is way more for you to discover during your own trip into this God-forgotten place. Our playthrough persuaded us that indeed, The Manor might be just the game capable of sweeping you off your feet.

But hey, don’t worry too much about that last thing! Even though we can’t promise you will sleep well at night, at least our Smart Protection System ensures full safety of use at all time, keeping you from loosing stability or falling.

You can’t hide from what awaits you in The Manor but you can run away from it so you’d better get the best gear for that!

And if you’re a user of KAT I/O Business Edition, don’t miss the last chance to try it Free of Charge! So far the game has been available for free for a limited period of time.

After 11th of March, Affected will only be only be available for our standard platform fees. 
Although, if you’re a horror lover, we’ve got some good news for you!
Purchasing a 6 month license you’ll save as much as 50%!

The license will only cost you $30 in comparison to monthly fees of $10. 

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