Oasis – KAT Walk mini public debut at China Joy

China Joy – one of world’s largest electronic entertainment expos and a true oasis for all geeks and video games lovers finally came to an end on Monday, August 6th. For four marvelous days Shanghai turned into a sanctuary and a pilgrimage destination for thousands of players, video games developers and gaming equipment manufacturers.

Obviously, we just couldn’t miss this opportunity to show you our newest release – KAT Walk mini. World’s very first non-restrictive Omni-directional VR platform quickly became a glowing point of interest and one of the ‘must see’ booths at China Joy. Working alongside HTC, KAT VR provided participants with a great opportunity to watch and to experience the stunning joy of stepping into world of the virtual reality. Our visitors had a chance to try the smashing combination of cutting-edge motion capture technology and unlimited body motion freedom of KAT Walk mini ODT and truly breath taking capabilities of HTC Vive Pro.

KAT VR CEO Pang Chen and Wang Congqing, President of HTC China

Can you imagine non restricted 360° actions in the world of infinite possibilities? Well, I’ll tell you a secret. You don’t have to bet on your imagination anymore! Light and open structure of KAT Walk mini allows its users to carry out safe and deeply immersive VR walking experience with highest, sixth-degree of motion freedom simulation.

360° non-restrictive walking experience.

In search for an inspiration we didn’t have to look far. This year, in cooperation with HTC, KAT VR jointly created a real VR games feast inspired by the movie “Ready Player One”. Our contestants got a chance to compete for glory (and some cool material awards) while playing the Beta version of Ready Player One – Rise of the Gunters.

VR experience while playing Ready Player One – Rise of the Gunters

Throughout the entire exhibition, booth E4 S112 where KAT Walk mini was placed was literally besieged by VR enthusiasts who came to step into the virtual world. Both of KAT Walk mini ODTs were occupied at all time ensuring breath-taking experience for dozens of players each day. Whether it was a child, a cute girl or a tall and well-built gym addict, KAT Walk mini served them all.

Meanwhile, when our fans were enjoying their VR experience, KAT VR staff at the exhibition had its plate full with interviews for many globally known media including Taiwan Extraordinary news, Tescent Video, Panorama Network and many others. In the medias evaluation, KAT VR won unanimous praise as a technological leader in VR industry and a developer of cutting-edge technology of the future. Several reporters simply couldn’t resist and decided to personally give it a shot.

KAT VR CEO Pang Chen gives an interview

Even though the KAT VR’s adventure at China Joy 2018 has come to an end, our four-day long performance is a moment to remember. We believe that the charm of KAT VR and its new baby has firmly grasped the hearts of our beloved audience. Of course, the entire KAT VR team as VR enthusiasts and lovers will never stop to provide innovations, chase excellence and reveal its full commitment to technology research and development.

In addition, let’s mention that our KAT Walk mini Omni-directional Treadmill has completed its first wholesales and we continue collecting new orders. Don’t hesitate and call our hotline – 400-826-0804 to place your enquiry.

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