Dear users,
You may experience the abnormal function on your VR peripheral products due to the recent update of SteamVR thus causing a failure of walking on KAT Walk products when playing inSteam games. We are sorry about that.
If you happen to meet such problem, please download the toolkit shown below and follow the instructions for installation.

Toolkit: Download link

1. Delete STEAM from SteamVR(please first quit SteamVR)

Move your mouse to the “LIBRARY” of STEAM and click at “TOOLS”.

Find the “SteamVR” from TOOLS and right click “Uninstall” for delete.

And click at “DELETE” to confirm on game files delete.

2. Install the SteamVR provided by KAT

Find the installation package provided by KAT in the toolkit and double click for installing, During installation, please click at “I agree to the license terms and conditions” and install if there shows the following picture.

3. Install the KAT inSteam plug-in

After that, find plug-in installation package “OpenVR-Companion.exe” in the toolkit and double click for installing. During installation, all clicks at “yes” as the default option and choose “close” when finishing.

4. Properly start the function of inSteam

please start the platform first and then manually start the SteamVR on your desktop and then in that platform, you will find the inSteam game that you want to play and start the game.

Note: If there appears a notice on SteamVR installation when starting the steam platform or games, please ignore and skip it, otherwise, your SteamVR may be updated and some functions may be disabled.


We will keep the contact with Valve Official and provide the perfect solution as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

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