Strike Your Virtual Foes with our NEW VR Rifle – KAT Striker

Grew tired of your VR Controllers? Feeling your immersion breaks when only pretending to hold an actual rifle in Zomday or other FPS games? Check out our new product developed and released specifically to address all of your desires in VR Games!


Presenting KAT Striker, the VR game controller holder designed to improve your aiming accuracy and overall gaming experience. Wondering how? magine you’re holding a real rifle with one hand on its pistol grip (your main controller), the other one up front on the secondary controller, and KAT Striker’s rifle stock is firmly placed on your shoulder. Thanks to stable position of both controllers you can easily aim, and shoot with maximum accuracy – plus the realistic sight makes it even more immersive when you need to eliminate your opponents from a distance.

After all, immersion is one of the key reasons we’re playing VR games, isn’t it? And it’s only going to grow when you feel the actual weight (780g), and shape of KAT Striker, making you feel just as if you were holding a real rifle.

(Note: KAT Striker is not the replacement for VR controllers but a controller holder used for enhanced experience)

Cool?! There’s more!

a. Magnetic Mounting: Since you won’t be always using KAT Striker, you can quickly attach, and detach your controllers when changing weapons, and save time on slow and annoying operations to dismantle the gun. With KAT Striker you can do it in only a matter of seconds without even taking of your VR headset!

b. Easily adjustable: The position of the secondary controller mounting and the stock length are both adjustable to your liking

c. Easy controllers charging: Worrying about the battery? You can safely charge your controllers anytime, without even removing them from your KAT Striker.    

KAT Striker has been already released and is available for purchase at any time!

Don’t wait, and get in touch with us at

Wanna see KAT Striker in action? A promo video is coming soon! Follow our social medias, and stay tuned!

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