Ultimate Multi-Player Experience – Contractors VR is now available on KAT Walk Treadmills!

Remember AFFECTED: The Manor, and Zomday VR we have wrote about just a couple of days ago? Sure you do! To be honest they are actually hard to forget, aren’t they? Don’t you feel like it’s about time for you to take a break from this hardcore experience, and just try your chance with other people rather than ghosts, and zombies?

Get ready for the ultimate online multi-player experience in the virtual world, and join forces with thousands of other players in Contractors VR! Did I mention it is now fully compatible with our solutions ensuring the highest level of immersion?

Contractors is a Team-based competitive multiplayer shooter game designed specifically for virtual reality. Experience the whole new level of virtual modern warfare with numerous lethal weapons, customizable load-outs, and intense firefights.

Immerse yourself in one of many realistic battlefields available in Contractors, and enjoy:

Multiple Competitive Modes

In this game players can set a specific target required to achieve the victory, such as Flag Capture (Invade, and take control over the enemy base), Team Survival (Two teams of players line up with one life each. Eliminate all of your opponents to win the game) or Team Deathmatch (Kill as many enemies as you can within the limited time. Each player has unlimited lives and respawns on the map upon death), and others!

Realistic Weapon Models

Contractors offer access to over 30 realistic weapons! Discover the entire armory, and make the best use of all the guns, grenades, and other accessories at your disposal. With such a wide range of killing tools, the war becomes a real art! What’s more – the game offers a gunstock calibration tool, and a realistic weapon handling system that greatly increase immersion!

Achieve more with KAT VR MIS

With a game like this, you can finally make the best use of our KAT VR MIS (Multiplayer Infinite Walking Space Solution) – an innovative system we have developed specifically for VR multiplayer gaming! Our solution overcomes the space limitation problem allowing for a safe, and deeply immersive exploration of infinite virtual worlds! All of that can be achieved through professional arrangement of several KAT Walk mini stations which can be easily connected into a single system allowing for a deeply immersive multiplayer experience!   

What’s more, facing real enemies in the virtual world might require some more sophisticated techniques than a standard Single-Player mode. Don’t worry – we got you covered! KAT Walk mini allows you to take dynamic actions such as running, dodging, leaning back and forward or crouching to take cover and eliminate your opponents without being detected! With KAT Walk mini, they won’t even know what hit them! All of that can be achieved thanks to 6DOF (Degree of Freedom) that our devices offer.

In addition, our smart protective system is capable of predicting your next move, and it reacts instantly ensuring full safety of use at all time!


Fill in, and submit our a customer review form before January 28 and take part in a competition!  
10 Game Keys await those of you who decide to share their honest feedback!
Just click here, and follow the instructions.

Soon available at Dubai DEAL Exhibition!

Come, test our KAT VR MIS System with Contractors during the 2019 Dubai Entertainment, Amusement & Leisure Exhibition!

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