Unlock Your Oasis With the KAT Walk mini

Earnest Cline’s best seller, Ready Player One, is hitting theaters tonight… and we at KATVR are all going to watch the premier.

Ready Player one shifts between the virtual game world, the OASIS, a simulated paradise teeming with pop culture references and our recessed Planet in 2045.Which makes it pretty obvious that most of the population turn to the OASIS as a gateway from harsh reality.

If I’d seen this movie/trailer as a child, I might have been faced with the unpleasant awareness of how far it’d take the VR industry to achieve such technologies. But now companies in the field are making quite swift progress with immersion rigs, from VR headsets to ODTs (Omni-directional treadmills) to haptic suits and gloves. So it’ll be soon that a consumer-friendly VR rig gets developed and we at KATVR are promptly doing our part to realize that dream.

Unlike Ogden Morrow’s “hamster-ball” for motion simulation, we’ve taken a different path to develop a consumer-friendly unrestrictive compact treadmill that requires minimal space requirements yet providing multiple actions such as; walking, running, crouching and even sitting. A reimagined design for VR treadmills, an approach towards optimizing virtual immersion.

However, among the various locomotion rigs (treadmills, chairs and so on) some do bear functional resemblance.

Advancements in wearable-tech, motion simulators, and haptic technology foretell the development of a highly immersive virtual reality. After all “going outside is highly overrated”. Hopefully the movie will spark much more interest in the VR industry and accelerate the realization of a seamlessly cooperating framework of VR peripherals.

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3 thoughts on “Unlock Your Oasis With the KAT Walk mini

  1. As someone who has just seen ready player one, I certainly am more interested in the aspect of VR and how it will develop in the next coming few years. It has got me back into using my oculus and exploring new devices built for VR and what they do to make us feel like we are actually being transported to another world. So what you guys are doing here impresses me but more importantly excites me and hopefully hundreds and even thousands of others so that we may get the oasis sooner than we think.
    All in all GG, I will be checking back here often for new updates and stuff.

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