VR Loco(motion) Revolution Coming to Japan – Public Debut at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Sep. 12-15

Looks like the season for exhibitions has finally begun for serious! Not only did we just announce the very first public appearance of our NEW Gaming Arena – KAT VRMIS at IAAPA Paris (Read more HERE), but also decided to steal some spotlight at Tokyo Game Show 2019 almost at the same time! And guess what…. we’re bringing KAT Walk mini and our newest release – KAT loco with us! Visit us in Japan on Sep. 12-15, and be among the very first public testers to give it a try! The new standard of VR locomotion awaits you in the booth no. 9-E12 in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan!

Tokyo Game Show, commonly known as TGS is an annual video game expo and geek convention that brings together thousands of visitors from all over the world, all coming to Tokyo for one reason – to dive into the gaming world and test out some of the newest hardware solutions! Organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA), the four-day long event is among the largest exhibitions of its kind in the whole of Asia!

And its magnitude is absolutely breathtaking! Can you imagine over 2,000 booths prepared by the world’s largest gaming companies such as Sony, and visited by about 250 thousand people!? Because that is exactly what Tokyo Game Show 2018 looked like, and we expect it to get even better this year! That’s why neither us, nor our partner – VROOM (Visit the official website here) which as our official distributor in Japan is co-hosting the booth, could miss out on such a great opportunity!

Each visitor of our booth will have a chance to try a Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional Treadmill – KAT Walk mini, and a wearable VR locomotion system – KAT loco. Even though being very different in design, both of our solutions aim for the very same goal – full physicality of VR interactions

KAT Walk mini is the world’s first VR ODT with an open construction that doesn’t restrict your arms and legs movement allowing for 360 degrees of infinite motion even at most limited physical spaces. Its smart ergonomic design lets you carry out a wide variety of horizontal and vertical actions offering a highly realistic virtual reality experience.

Thanks to its compact ergonomic construction, smart, adaptive tension design, universal compatibility across all major platforms and VR headsets, and support for all virtual reality content based on Free Locomotion, KAT Walk mini effectively meets the requirements of modern gaming, e-sport, Location-Based Entertainment, and various industrial applications. So far, we have already delivered a few thousand stations and the interest is only growing!

KAT loco is a modular, wearable VR locomotion system that gives complete physical control over lower-body actions, allowing you to carry out just any movement you might need in your virtual adventures by simply walking or running on the spot. Having made a huge hit on Kickstarter earlier this year and collected almost $200.000 of funding, KAT loco is about to officially enter the market with its first public appearance in Japan. If you’re going to visit the Tokyo Game Show 2019, don’t miss the chance to give it a try!

PS: KAT Walk mini is available for purchase at any time, and we are already collecting first post-Kickstarter inquiries for KAT loco. Feel welcome to get in touch with us at global@katvr.com to learn more!

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