Walk Into The Wild, and Strive to Survive! The Forest Joins KAT Game Library!

Imagine you’re on your way to one of the beautiful exotic islands on the Pacific Ocean. You’ve been waiting for your well-deserved dream holidays for years, and finally it’s on! You pack your bags, post an update on all of your social medias, board the plane, wait for the stewardesses to stop their show about the safety precautions on board so that you could chill with a beer and watch an episode of your favorite show in peace, you fall asleep, and you crush in the middle of nowhere with all of your fellow passengers dead. Isn’t it grea…

Wait, you do WHAAT?!

That’s right, you’ve heard correctly – your plane had an accident, and now you – the child of the 21st century, and a real technology junkie are the only survivor of the crash. Now you must strive without rest to last one more day in The Forest! You’ve found some equipment and tools from the plane but be realistic and don’t get ahead of yourself. With your limited knowledge, and lack of survival skills it is going to be a real challenge!

The Forest offers a fantastic combination of realistic gameplay and immersive video game adventure in which you’re gonna have to learn how to:

  • Scavenge, and hunt for food
  • Find shelter and build camps with use of the limited resources you have at your hand.
  • Explore the unwelcoming environment of uncivilized wilderness.
  • Craft weapons, and tools to defend yourself against the savages hungry for your blood, and fight back when the right time comes
The Forest is rich in wild animals but are you sure you can catch them?
Resources are all around… if only you know how to find and use them
Home sweet home.. I wish I knew how to build one!

As if experiencing a realistic survival adventure in Virtual Reality was not cool and immersive enough, imagine you can actually walk into the wild and face its dangers on your own feet! KAT Walk mini – world’s very first Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional Virtual Reality Treadmill developed by KAT VR allows you to play the game under full freedom of body motion.

Imagine fighting the deadly savages with your own bare hands! Imagine realizing you stand no chance! Imagine running for your life on your own feet! KAT Walk mini will change your experience with The Forest into a real adventure, where you get to decide who you really are – a virtual Bear Grylls or a hopeless rookie scout.

Moreover, small, open and lightweight design of KAT Walk mini allows for safe, and unrestricted use at home. Its intelligent predictive protection system automatically determines direction of body motion and provides complete security without movement restrictions. Get ready, for now you can enter the wilderness from your own safe bedroom. How cool is that?

Haven’t had a chance to order your own KAT Walk mini yet?
Don’t wait – Contact us at global@katvr.com

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