World Peace is our Dream and Its Protection is our Mission. Join Us in VR Battlefield!

World peace, freedom, equality, and justice are dreams of many and many have given their lives fighting for these dreams. Now, you get your chance to join the cause and become a member of an elite peacekeeping unit. You will become one of those who must succeed where all others are doomed to fail. Your mission is simple – protect the peace by any means necessary and don’t forget – there is no peace for the enemies of peace!

VR Battlefield – one of the most developed Virtual Reality First-Person Shooters mostly focuses on multiplayer online competition modes, enabling you to face the enemy team with a group of friends at your side. Together you will literally walk into the virtual battlefields to crash the enemy resistance and secure the area.

Speaking of literal walking, did I mention, that the game is now fully compatible with KAT Walk devices? No? Well….. surprise! With an omni-directional VR treadmill, such as KAT Walk mini the gameplay becomes even more immersive and realistic than ever before! Experience the thrill of entering real battlefields, and compete for glory with other players!

Regardless of the kind of gameplay you prefer, VR Battlefield surely won’t disappoint you. The game offers a wide variety of battle modes, including a team cooperation mode, deathmatch mode, Invade & defend mode and a role-playing mode.

Team Cooperation Mode: Players are divided into two teams to compete against each other. When the player’s character dies, for a short period of time it can be revived from a close range. The game keeps record of teams’ overall score as well as player’s personal KDAs (number of kills, deaths and assists). It is possible to pre-set the victory goals.

Deathmatch mode: Enemies are all around you! In this exciting mode everyone fights for his/her own score. After the player’s character dies, it will be immediately revived at one of the starting positions until one of the players reaches the pre-set victory goals.

Invade & defend mode: Players are divided into two teams and enter the game with different sets of victory goals. Blue team’s quests are defensive, while the red team has to focus on attacking the enemy positions. In this mode after the player’s character dies, the player enters the spectator mode till the end of round. Teams will switch the roles until one of them manages to achieve the pre-set victory goals.

Role playing mode: In this mode players need to cooperate to complete the corresponding tasks for which they will receive some in-game rewards such as new weapons and equipment. The game’s server will be updated regularly to introduce new missions and improve the gameplay.

The game is also equipped with a built-in voice communication system allowing players to plan their strategy, coordinate tactics and achieve the victory goals as a team of true companions greatly increasing the gameplay experience and immersion.

That being said, VR battlefield is indeed a great game to try on KAT Walk mini! With a 360-degree of movement and observation capability, and with its nonrestrictive design that allows for infinite and unlimited actions such as walking, running, crouching and jumping your VR experience and immersion will reach its peak so don’t wait! Just grab your gear, enter the VR Battlefield and RUSH B FOR GLORY (world peace included).

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